11 Reasons GOT7’s Comeback Can’t Come Soon Enough

May 20 can’t come quick enough!

The waiting game for comebacks is one of the hardest things to do! Even though we all know GOT7 will be having a comeback on May 20 with the release of their new album SPINNING TOP, here are just some of the many reasons why we need May 20 and their comeback to come ASAP!


1. It’s been months since we’ve heard new music from them

It’s been 5 months since they released “Miracle” as part of their repackaged Present: You & Me album and 2 months since JUS2 released “Focus On Me”.


2.The spinning top clip is simply not enough to satisfy Ahgases need for more GOT7

JYP Entertainment released this clip of a spinning top to hype us up for their next album but we need more! Please, JYP give us more!


3.All of these photo teasers are killing us

Handsome? Check! Mysterious? Check!


Bad for our hearts? Double check! And ready for even more? Check times a thousand!


4. Because of all the spoilers the members have given us so far

The spoiler kings are back and have been blessing us all with a ton of possible hints for their new album!


Now we’re even more ready for the album to drop!


5. Because we know all of their songs and choreography are going to be amazing

GOT7’s song are always 1000% catchy, amazing, and something you’ll want to put on repeat forever.


Not to mention their choreography is always stunning!


6. A comeback also signals the fact that their world tour is right around the corner too

Although not a whole lot of information has been revealed about their 2019 world tour, it’s happening and soon!


7. We all know that there will be amazing dance practice videos just waiting to be unlocked

GOT7 always have special dance practice videos for Ahgases whether they be their “boyfriend” versions…


“Suit” versions, or something entirely different we know that any of these hidden dance practice videos will be pure awesome!


8. We can’t wait for a making of video for their MV which we already know is going to be lit

A full storyline, amazing scenery, and jaw-dropping visuals what’s not to love about GOT7’s music videos?


9. Because fans are starting to go wild waiting

The waiting game is taking its toll. Some fans have been going wild creating “GOT7 as X” threads…


And others are just ready with all the memes!


10. Since we know there will be three unique versions of the album

A security version…


An & version, and an insecurity version. Yep, we need these in our lives now!


11. And because we miss them!

We miss their sass, their sense of humor, their smiles, and their sweet vocals and killer dance moves. We seriously miss them!