GOT7’s Fandom Are Baby Birds, So What Type Of Birds Are GOT7?

Ahgases are baby phoenixes, of course.

GOT7‘s fandom, Ahgase (also known as iGOT7), means “baby bird” in Korean. Besides the official lightsticks being in the shape of birds, the members have frequently referenced birds in their songs and music videos, and Yugyeom even has a tattoo of a green baby bird. With birds holding so much significance to the fans and GOT7 themselves, here is a list of birds that best represent the members.

1. Jay B And The Eagle

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Eagles are famous symbols in many different cultures, often linked with the sky. The eagle represents freedom, victory, wisdom, and a higher perspective. Those who are like eagles also make great leaders and teachers, because of their ability to balance their high aspirations with their humility. As GOT7’s leader, Jay B has demonstrated his strength and wisdom time and time again, making sure that GOT7’s only limit is the sky.

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2. Mark And The Owl

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Owls are also famous symbols throughout the world, linked with silence and the night. The owl represents truth, discernment, divinity, and wisdom. Those who are like owls are observant and see the truth in people, and are often steadfast pillars of support. As GOT7’s oldest member, Mark is more silent than the rest, but his actions and thoughtfulness speak volumes about his love for his brothers.

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3. Jackson And The Chickadee

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Chickadees are the type of birds that make themselves known to everyone in the neighborhood, with their friendly nature allowing them to warm up to humans easily. The chickadee represents bravery, curiosity, cheerfulness, and positive energy. Those who are like chickadees are playful and modest, and with a strong foundation in community, they don’t hesitate to go after big dreams. As the social butterfly of the group, there’s no bird that represents Jackson better, taking into account both his friendliness and his hard work.

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4. Jinyoung And The Sparrow

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Sparrows are auspicious birds in many cultures and religions, and they represent community, creativity, diligence, and happiness. Those who are like sparrows have strong work ethics and devotion toward their loved ones. They also hold deep gratitude towards the little things in life, using their creativity to spread happiness and hope. As a gifted lyricist, Jinyoung shares his perspective with the world through his words, and while he may seem silent and aloof sometimes, it’s clear to everyone that he cherishes the other members of GOT7 dearly.

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5. Youngjae And The Canary


Canaries are often linked with light and illumination, thanks to their sunshine-like plume. The canary symbolizes joy, musicality, optimism, and individuality. Those who are like canaries brighten up the lives of those around them, and their voices carry charm that explodes with song. They are also confident in what they’re passionate about and the uniqueness of the self. Youngjae is GOT7’s sunshine, with his bright smile and powerful voice, and his happiness is contagious to everyone around him.

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6. BamBam And The Cockatoo

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Cockatoos are a favorite when it comes to pet birds because of their lively and affectionate nature. The cockatoo represents liberation, humor, loyalty, and companionship. Those like cockatoos are loud: their voices and auras fill up the room as soon as they walk in, but their upbeat energy is always welcome. BamBam is chaotic, but his heart is honest and kind, making him a beloved person the rest of GOT7 can’t help but want to protect (from others; his teasing has earned him many love taps from his members).


7. Yugyeom And The Swan


Swans are a fairytale favorite, famous for their beautiful visage and graceful movement. The swan represents innocence, faithfulness, growth, and artistry. Those like swans have a magnetic personality as they hold a deep affection for people and the arts, and they often connect with the soul. As GOT7’s youngest, Yugyeom harbors a great love for his brothers and a strong passion for music and dance, and Ahgases and the other members are watching proudly as he continues to grow as a person and an artist.

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