GOT7’s Jackson Has Such a Sweet Personality He Befriends Everyone He Meets

Jackson is a friendly king.

An online community board gained attention for a post about GOT7’s Jackson being friendly to everyone he meets. There seem to be no boundaries as to who he befriends and these people can range from bodyguards to restaurant workers and even tourists! Let’s take a look at how Jackson becomes friends with all sorts of people.


He likes to link arms with his bodyguards.

He even dances with them during concerts!

He’s also known for becoming friends with all the bodyguards he meets while on world tour. In the photo below, he even starts having a quiz show with the bodyguard sitting next to him.

He even does aegyo in front of his bodyguards as he is being pulled around with blindfolds on.

Random workers and tourists

This is the first time meeting a KTX train worker and he is already hugging him as if they are best friends.

He’s even seen taking photos in tourist group photos!

He’s not shy to say hello and hold hands with the worker at a restaurant either.

It’s only natural that he takes a photo with the bike shop workers while hugging them!

He’s even seen hugging the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cho Yoonsun for a photo.

Staff Members

He’s even friendly with the broadcast staff and is close enough to ask them about their life and where they are working now.

“Hyung do you still work at Mnet?”

“I thought you told me last time that you were going to KBS?”

He’s seen hugging staff members all the time.

Aside from these photos, he is also very close with reporters, MCs, senior idols, junior idols, and basically just everyone he meets!