GOT7’s Jinyoung Goes Shopping…But Ends Up Just Playing With The Staff And Viewers Heart

He’s caring, loving, and clumsy.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung went on a shopping trip with a YouTube channel called Dingo K-Drama and couldn’t help but play with the staff and the viewer’s heart a little bit.

Jinyoung tries to buy essential items needed when traveling but constantly plays around with the hearts of the staff and viewers.

1. Face mask

The first essential item for traveling to Jinyoung is face mask in order to care for your skin.

He also adds in a comment to the staff and viewers.

2. Compression bag

Jinyoung selects a compression bag as his second item but has little idea of how it works.

The staff also hilariously tell him that the compression bag for traveling is not too far from his location.

3. Swim gear

Jinyoung couldn’t help but add in a heart-fluttering comment when selecting his swim gear.

4. Big water tube

The next essential item for Jinyoung is a big water tube, but he also shows his clumsy side when selecting the item.

5. Neck pillow

Jinyoung also adds in a neck pillow for comfort on long plane rides.

6. Food

Jinyoung’s last essential item is food, particularly chocolate.

Jinyoung also adds in that he’s been involved in one-sided love, but can’t help but add an additional comment in there.

Watch the full video below!