These 4 Gourmet Idols Groups All Spend More On Food Per Week Than You Would In A Year

You wont believe how much these idols eat!

The average American spends around $2,800 USD per year on food—just over $50 USD per week. That may sound like plenty, but these 4 idol groups all outspend your yearly budget every week!

1. IZ*ONE: $5,800 USD per week

It’s good that IZ*ONE is breaking records with their album sales right now—they’ll need those profits to keep up with their great appetites. The group spends a staggering ₩30 million won per month on food, rounding out to around ₩7 million won ($5,800 USD) per week.

With 12 members in the group, that means each of them spend around $70 USD per day—around 10 times more than what you’d spend in 24 hours. Fans have joked that a big percentage of that probably goes on Hyewon’s snack obsession!

2. TWICE: $5,800 USD per week

Back in April 2019, TWICE revealed that they also spend ₩30 million won per month on food. Of course, TWICE has less members than IZ*ONE. So, on average, that means each member spends around $92 USD per day.

When TWICE revealed just how much they spend on food each month, they did admit that they’re trying to reduce their budget and eat more “efficiently”. That likely means more home cooked meals—lucky they have star chef Jihyo in the group.

3. Girls’ Generation: $4,800 USD per week

When Girls’ Generation was active as a group, they were spending ₩300 million won per year on food. Divided by all the weeks in the year, that’s around ₩5.8 million won ($4,800 USD) per week. At the time the figure was revealed, the group had 8 members, giving an average of $85 USD per member per day.

When questioned about their huge grocery bill in 2013, the members remarked that they spend more than Super Junior. When asked again in 2017, they confirmed that they also spend more than EXO. The only group from the company they probably couldn’t top is NCT, given how many members there are!

4. MONSTA X: $4,800 USD per week

On an episode of Idol Room in 2019, MONSTA X shocked the MCs with their monthly food spend: around ₩20 to 30 million won per month. When averaged out at ₩25 million won, that gives them a weekly food spend of $4,800 USD like Girls’ Generation.

At the time, MONSTA X was promoting with 7 members, making their daily food spend around $98 USD per day—the highest on this list! The members told the shocked hosts that they don’t gain weight because their choreography is so intense.

Source: The Simple Dollar