8 Idols And Groups Who Have All Covered This Very Famous Korean Song

From BTS to TWICE, many famous groups have covered this iconic song.

Park Ji Yoon’s hit from the year 2000 Coming of Age Ceremony quickly became one of Korea’s most popular songs and it has been covered by everyone since its release. These are 8 idols and groups who covered the famous song and each brought their own charms to the classic track.

1. Jimin & Jungkook (BTS)

Jimin & Jungkook performed a dance cover of the iconic song in a Bangtan Bomb from 2016.

2. Joy (Red Velvet), Chanmi (AOA) & Hayoung (APINK)

Joy, Chanmi and Hayoung displayed their sexy charms when they combined to cover the song at the 2014 Korea Music Festival.

3. Nine Muses

Nine Muses captured the essence of Park Ji Yoon’s hit perfectly as they performed the song on Music Bank in 2013.

4. Somyi (DIA)

Somyi recently released a solo dance cover of Coming of Age Ceremony and she performed the choreography perfectly.


The talent and energy of five of TWICE’s members were on full display when they performed a full cover of the song in 2016.

6. Girl’s Day

Coming of Age Ceremony fit perfectly with Girl’s Day’s famous concept change and as a result, they ended up performing it before their hit Something.

7. Lee Sung Jong (INFINITE)

Lee Sung Jong performed his own cover of the song at a concert, and he did it in a dress too!

8. Jihyo (TWICE) and DAY6

At the opening of JYP Nation’s performance at the 2018 KBS Song Festival, Jihyo and DAY6 performed Coming of Age Ceremony.