These Are The Groups Who “Hit The Roof” On MelOn The Most Number Of Times

Their songs are popular even with non-fans!

Throughout the years, K-Pop has come up with some amazing songs. Among these songs, several have proven to be popular with both fans and the general public. Their popularity is best seen in how they “hit the roof” on MelOn, meaning their songs were so popular at the time of their release that they achieved the maximum score on MelOn.

Below are the idols with the most number of “hit the roof” songs on MelOn from 2011 onwards.

15. Wonder Girls

Total score: 14

14. EXO

Total score: 17

13. Davichi

Total score: 19

12. g.o.d

Total score: 20

11. BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Girls’ Generation

Total score: 21

10. Taeyeon

Total score: 39

9. 2NE1

Total score: 40

8. iKON

Total score: 44


Total score: 49

6. Soyou

Total score: 50

5. Taeyang

Total score: 52

4. Zico

Total score: 92


Total score: 113


Total score: 229

1. IU

Total score: 291

Check out the more detailed list below! It shows the exact score of each song that was released by the group/soloist.

Source: Nate