11 Groups That Have Shockingly Never Won A Music Show

Maybe 2019 will be their year?

Some groups fail to get their first music show win for years, others are able to achieve a win with their debut song. These are groups which are surprisingly still chasing their first win.

1. Gugudan

Despite a shaky debut, many would have thought that Gugudan would have picked up a win by now, especially with the success of “Not That Type”.


LOONA is less of a surprise when you realise that they have only recently debuted as a full unit. However, it’s surprising that their debut tracks “favOriTe” and “Hi High” haven’t achieved any wins.

3. 9Muses

Despite debuting almost ten years ago and maintaining a reasonable level of popularity ever since, 9Muses have yet to get their first win. It looks as if it will take a huge hit for it to happen now.


ASTRO has been chasing their first win ever since their debut in 2016. It’s a surprise it hasn’t happened yet given the popularity of their songs and the individual popularity of Cha Eunwoo.

5. CLC

This is especially surprising considering that their junior group in Cube (G)-IDLE already have multiple music show wins. CLC is about to come back though so perhaps ‘No’ will be the comeback that gives CLC their first win.

6. Weki Meki

It seemed certain that Weki Meki would win a music show for “Crush” but it didn’t happen which has left Weki Meki still looking for that first win.

7. fromis_9

Despite the success of their most recent comeback and its single “Love Bomb”, fromis_9 did not record a music show win. It seems almost certain that in their second year of promotions they will be able to grab a win, however.

8. Stray Kids

Despite a very successful debut and a large following, JYP’s newest boy group has yet to pick up a first win.

9. DAY6

Speaking of JYP groups without a win, talented band Day6 have yet to earn their first win which is shocking given the popularity of “Shoot Me”.


The gothic rock group DREAMCATCHER haven’t got their first win either. Perhaps this is less surprising when you consider that they mostly have international rather than domestic popularity, however.

11. SF9

Despite killing it comeback after comeback, SF9 haven’t seen the fruits of their labor in terms of music show wins.