Here Are 8 K-Pop Groups Whose Members Are Signed To Different Labels

Even though they’re signed to different labels, the members of these groups are inseparable!

When K-Pop groups are formed, they’re created with trainees from the same company, but the members don’t necessarily have to stay with the same company they started with once their contracts with their company expire.

While fans may worry that their groups will disband when members sign with other agencies, some groups stay together and never officially disband despite being signed to different agencies.

Here are 8 groups that are still together despite the members being signed to multiple agencies.

1. Girls’ Generation

 Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Yuri are still signed with SM Entertainment. Tiffany is signed with Paradigm Talent Agency in the United States. Sooyoung is signed to Saram Entertainment. Seohyun is signed to Namoo Actors. Even though they’re signed to different labels, the members still appear together on variety shows.

2. 2PM

Jun.K, Junho, Wooyoung, and Nickhun are still signed to JYP Entertainment. Taecyeon is signed to 51K. Chansung revealed that he will not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment, but he has not announced his new label yet. Even though they’re signed to different labels, the members promoted their latest album, MUST, together.


Woohyun is signed to Woollim Entertainment. Sunggyu is signed to DoubleH TNE. Dongwoo is signed to Big Boss Entertainment. L and Sungyeol are signed to Management 2Sang. Sungjong‘s new label has not been confirmed yet. Although they’re signed to different labels, the members still do radio shows together.

4. Apink

Chorong, Eunji, Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung are signed to IST Entertainment. Naeun is signed to YG Entertainment. Although all the members recorded Apink’s upcoming special album, Naeun will not be able to promote the album with the group due to scheduling issues.

5. Block B

Zico established his own label, KOZ Entertainment. Taeil, Jaehyo, B-Bomb, Park Kyung, and U-Kwon are signed to Seven Seasons. P.O. is signed to Artists Company.


N is signed to 51K. Ravi started his own label, GROOVL1N. Ken, Hyuk, and Leo are signed to Jellyfish Entertainment. Hongbin left VIXX in 2020.

7. GOT7

Jay B is signed to H1GHER Music. Mark is signed with Creative Artists Agency. Jackson has his own label, TEAM WANG. He is also signed to Sublime Artists Agency. Youngjae is also signed to Sublime Artists Agency. Jinyoung is signed to BH Entertainment. Yugyeom is signed to AOMG. The members released “Encore,” a surprise single for fans, in February 2021.


Solar, Hwasa, and Moonbyul are signed to RBW Entertainment. Wheein is signed to THE L1VE.


Source: theqoo