5 Groups Whose Concept Closely Resembles A Group Of The Opposite Gender

We’ve all had these thoughts.

Have you ever thought “Wow, X group is like a female Y group” or vice versa? These are 5 groups who if they were the opposite genders would be exactly like another group.

1. ASTRO is like a male GFRIEND

A group of amazing dancers with incredibly sharp choreography that maintains a softer, cute image. Not to mention there are 6 members in both groups.

2. DREAMCATCHER is like a female VIXX

Both groups have a darker, grittier vibe and release music videos that could be horror movies. They have a similar number of members and they both combine rock and pop in their music.

3. NCT Dream is like a male Red Velvet

It will be no surprise to anyone to see a few SM Entertainment groups on this list. The agency has an established formula so their concepts often overlap. NCT Dream and Red Velvet have a similar sound and both have a dichotomy of concepts, with one side being cute and the other being more fierce. “Chewing Gum” was also originally planned to be a Red Velvet song.

4. Girl’s Generation is like a female Super Junior

This one is very obvious. SM’s flagship girl group and boy group of the second generation are very similar in a lot of ways and this was intentional. Both appealed to the trends of their times and as a result, they are both legendary groups in K-Pop.

5. LOONA is like a female EXO

This one is a bit of a stretch. But if you look at how EXO was debuted, with a long period of teasers and how they were divided into subunits at debut, the comparisons to LOONA become clearer. They both have complicated concepts and the LOONAVERSE sounds a lot like EXOPLANET.

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