The Hair Evolution of TWICE’s Dahyun

A trip through her whole hair journey.

Her hairstyle from every TWICE era.

1. SIXTEEN era

Before TWICE debuted, the girls competed in the JYP Entertainment survival show SIXTEEN to win a spot in the final line-up of the group. During the competition, Dahyun sported dark brown hair with some parts dyed pink. The pink was concentrated at the front of her hair.


TWICE debuted in 2015 with “LIKE OOH-AHH”. For their debut, Dahyun maintained her brown and pink hair but also spiced things up by dyeing some parts orange.

3. “Cheer Up” Era

For their first comeback, Dahyun ditched the pink and orange ends and switched over to blonde and blue. The roots and half of her hair remained brown, while the ends went from blonde to blue.

4. “TT” Era

For their “TT” era, Dahyun moved one from her brown hair with colored ends and dyed her hair a ginger orange. It was a refreshing change, seeing her hair in one monochromatic color.


For “KNOCK KNOCK”, Dahyun dyed her hair a darker shade of red. The hair color was resembled red velvet and made her look absolutely adorable!

6. “SIGNAL” Era

“SIGNAL” era was where blonde Dahyun was first introduced. The blonde suited her as it made her fair skin shine more. She definitely rocked this hair color!

7. “One More Time” Era

The girls made their Japan debut with “One More Time” in 2017. For their Japanese debut, Dahyun rocked light brown hair, giving us a more natural look.

8. “LIKEY” Era

For “LIKEY” Dahyun dyed her hair dark brown, it almost looks black. The idol cut her hair to her shoulders, which is new since her hair would usually reach up to her chest. It’s a refreshing change to see her with shorter hair!

9. “Heart Shaker” Era

Dahyun maintains her hair from the “LIKEY” era, though it seems to have faded to a medium brown tone.

10. “Candy Pop” Era

For their first Japanese comeback, Dahyun maintains her hair from the past two eras. The color fades to a light brown shade.

11. “What is Love?” Era

For their “What is Love?” era, Dahyun dyed her hair black. She wears extensions, so her hair reaches her chest again. It’s the first time we’re seeing Dahyun with black hair, and it definitely suits her!

12. “Wake Me Up” Era

For their second Japanese comeback, Dahyun maintains her hairstyle from the “What is Love?” era, still sporting black hair and long hair.

13. “Dance The Night Away” Era

“Dance the Night Away” marks the return of blonde Dahyun, which fits perfect for the summer-beach theme! Her hair is dyed a brighter blonde, which is a great match for the bright mood of the song.

14. “Yes or Yes” Era

“Yes or Yes” era brought us the legendary purple ombre from Dahyun. If we look closely, the base of her roots are white, and then shifts to a light purple and gets progressively darker and darker the further down her hair we get to. It was definitely a stunning look on her!

15. “The Best Thing I Ever Did” Era


For this Christmas-y era, Dahyun maintained her purple ombre look. Her hair grew out a little and it appears she got it redone so that there was more white parts that lead to the purple.

16. “FANCY” Era

For their teasers, Dahyun sported a blonde-sea green hair color.

Now that they are promoting, Dahyun has switched to a denim blue color. It’s definitely a unique color and it looks amazing on her!

Which era is your favorite?