4 Handy Gadgets Recommended By TWICE’s Jeongyeon That Will Make Your Life 1,000% Better

With these handy gadgets at home, you’ll have more time to do things you love.

Back in 2017 during an episode of We Like Zines!, Jeongyeon shared handy gadgets that she loves and can make your life easier. Move over Crazy Russian Hacker—we have TWICE‘s Jeongyeon now!

1. Apple Peeler

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

2. Alarm Clock That You Shoot To Turn Off

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

3. LED Lipstick

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

4. An umbrella hat

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Aren’t all of these items super useful and fun? We’d definitely use all of them, and they would for sure make our lives 1,000% easier! 😉

Watch the whole video to see some of the other gadgets Jeongyeon recommended: