This Is Everything That Happened On The Internet When Hyuna and E’Dawn’s Dating News Broke

“Day 75648 without sex: applied for a job under cube entertainment”

E’Dawn and Hyuna’s relationship has been met with both welcome and backlash, since the big announcement that the two have been dating for years.

An unintentional but welcome outcome of the big news were all the hilarious jokes that came out of the internet.

Hyuna and E’Dawn Confess They’ve Been Dating For Years


1. When Hyuna knew E’Dawn was lying through his teeth.


2. Fans couldn’t help but point how much much funnier this clip of E’Dawn screaming “NO!” at Hyuna’s letter to another guy is now.


14 Moments When It Was Obvious That Hyuna And E’Dawn Were Dating


3. One person pointed out how… friendly they’ve always looked.


4. Fans imagined the creation of Triple H going a little something like this.


5. Hui’s been taking one for the team for so long.


7 Times Hui Was The Toughest 3rd Wheel You’ve Ever Seen


6. Who could forget when #EDawn1stWin started trending on Twitter after the news broke out?


7. Memes even popped up when E’Dawn fansites started closing.


8. It was noted that Hyuna’s fansites didn’t follow suit.


9. Some Hyuna fans did need a moment to recover from the news.


10. With three CUBE Entertainment dating rumours popping up within 24 hours, fans couldn’t hold back on the jokes.


11. To be fair, CUBE’s moniker is “United CUBE” not CUBE family…


12. Several edits were made to CUBE Entertainment’s wikipedia page to reflect the true nature of the company.


13. In the end, Wikipedia had to put some restrictions on the page.