Here Are Some Of The Hardest Things About Being A Trainee, According To These Female Idols

Number 2 is quite extreme.

Being a K-Pop trainee is an extremely difficult job, as they have to endure many harsh things to have a chance at debuting.

On an episode of Idol Drama Operation Team, some female K-Pop idols shared some of the most difficult moments they’ve endured while being trainees. Here’s a list of some of the aspects they talked about.

1. Getting discouraged

During her time as a trainee, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi got discouraged many times.

Somi also spoke on how she got discouraged whenever she saw fellow trainees getting cut.

2. Weight

It’s quite well known that companies are quite strict about the weight of their idols. During her time as a trainee, SONAMOO‘s D.ana had to lose a specific amount of weight each day, or else she couldn’t leave the practice room.

Oh My Girl‘s YooA also revealed a story relating to weight. One time, she decided to eat a hamburger during her diet and had to eat in secrecy. It got the point where she ate in a bathroom stall so she wouldn’t get caught.

3. Having doubts

Seulgi also mentioned how she started having doubts about her debut when SM Entertainment would only debut boy groups. This led to a lot of trainees quitting, and Seulgi lost a lot of the friends she trained together with.

Oh My Girl’s YooA also spoke on how being a trainee for a short time can be difficult.

4. Fear of cameras

Somi was exposed to cameras from a young age, which led her to develop a fear of them.

5. Switching positions

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul was originally supposed to be a vocalist but was switched to rapping by her company. This led her to start disliking her life as a trainee.

Here is the full video below.