Haters Accused These Female Idols Of Breast Implants… so they proved them wrong

These women proved that their breasts were 100% natural!

1. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori was well known since long ago for having a very glamorous body, which is why some haters have accused her of getting her breasts done.

Feeling uncomfortable over these false accusations, she went to the doctor’s on the program Hyori Off the Record to prove them wrong.

The x-ray showed no signs of implants!

The doctor explained, “It’s clear. She’s all natural.”


2. Jang Yoon Ju

Model Jang Yoon Ju has also been accused of getting a boob job due to her thin yet curvy figure.

She vindicated herself on SBS Special by consulting a specialist to prove that she didn’t get a boob job.

The doctor said he saw no signs of fat transplant either and that he was sure they were all natural.

“Results show highly dense breasts made up of over 80% skin, fat and breast tissue.” — Specialist


3. Yoo Seung Ok

Yoo Seung Ok is another model who has been accused of getting work done on her breasts.

She was accused of this after she was seen with what people assumed to be surgery scars on her underarms.

However, tests suggested otherwise.

It’s all 100% naturally Yoo Seung Ok!

The medical certificate stated that according to the ultrasound tests, no breast implants were present.

Source: Dispatch
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