10+ Sad And Heartbreaking Ballads By Male K-Pop Artists

These songs are heartbreaking!

Ballads are slow songs that you can enjoy anytime, and are types of songs you can listen to when you’re sad to gain a sense of comfort.

Here are some of the most heartbreaking ballads by K-Pop artists!

1. NCT 127’s “No Longer”

“No Longer” is part of NCT 127‘s Regular- Irregular album. It’s a sad song about wanting someone who no longer needs you, making your reality crashing down, but continuing to love them despite that.

2. ASTRO’s “Better With You”

“Better With You” from ASTRO‘s Dream Part 2 album is a song about young love. It’s a song about confessing again to someone you love with hopes that they will accept your feelings well again.

3. DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”

“You Were Beautiful” by DAY6 is part of their Sunrise album. The song is a painful song about missing someone you just broke up with, and remembering all the precious memories you had with them, but at the same time trying to accept the fact that they are only a memory now.

4. SEVENTEEN’s “Habit”

“Habit” by SEVENTEEN‘s vocal unit from their Al1 ep is a heart-wrenching song about missing someone you used to be with, but not being able to accept their absence in your current life. It’s a song about being used to them around you, feeling their warmth, and calling their name, but now you are unable to get rid of that habit.

5. BTS’s “The Truth Untold”

“The Truth Untold” is the third track from BTS‘s Love Yourself: Tear album. This is another heartbreaking song about loving someone, and wanting to help them with all your best efforts, but feeling insecure, so instead of showing them your true feelings, you create a facade to keep them from seeing your true self who is damaged and broken.

6. d.ear and NCT 127’s Jaehyun’s “Try Again”

d.ear and Jaehyun from NCT 127 collaborated on this sad track for SM Station. It’s a song about coming from a relationship that just ended, but waiting for them, and always being there for them when they want to try and make things work again.

7. GOT7’s “Take Me To You”

“Take Me To You” by GOT7 is a simple song about feeling lost after a painful break-up, and trying your best to move on from the person you used to be with, but not being able to do so because everything seems to lead back to them.

8. BTOB’s “Just Like You”

BTOB‘s “Just Like You” is a sad song about remembering the person you once used to love, and feeling the pain that now exists with those memories, but still feeling thankful because they were once a part of your life.

9. SHINee’s “I Say”

SHINee‘s “I Say” is the fourth track from The Story of Light Ep.3 album. The song is painful and revolves around the plot of wanting to be with someone and feeling ready to give them your whole heart, but the other person easily not accepting your feelings.

10. WINNER’s “Empty”

Co-composed by IKON‘s B.I., Bobby, and WINNER‘s very own Minho, “Empty” is a relatable after-break-up song. It revolves around the lonliness and emptiness one feels after having gone through a break-up.

11. G-Dragon’s “That XX”

G-Dragon‘s “That XX” is a sad song about loving and caring about someone so much, but they can’t see your feelings for them and instead pints for someone who just keeps on hurting them. The situation makes you compare yourself to the other person the one you loves, likes, and why they can’t see you in the same way.

12. iKON’s “Apology”

iKON’s “Apology” is a song that hurts in a different way because this song is about apologizing for the pain you’ve caused your lover for being selfish, and not appreciating them as much as they love and care for you.