HEARTSTEEL Will Mark EXO Baekhyun’s 5th Debut, Further Proving His Versatility


In the constantly evolving world of K-Pop, versatility and the ability to adapt are crucial for an artist’s longevity and success. A prime exemplar of this adaptability is EXO‘s Baekhyun, whose musical journey showcases a seamless blend of talent and the art of reinvention.

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The recent announcement of Baekhyun as a member of Riot Games “League of Legends”‘ newest virtual boy band, HEARTSTEEL, marks his fifth distinct debut in the music industry — a testimony to his dynamic artistry. Let’s take a look at all of Baekyun’s debuts.

1. EXO

Baekhyun’s first venture into the K-pop scene was with EXO, the legendary boy group formed by SM Entertainment. His melodious vocals and charismatic stage presence quickly caught the attention of fans globally. The group’s diverse music style and impactful performances established a solid foundation for Baekhyun’s soaring career.


With the formation of EXO-CBX, a sub-unit of EXO, Baekhyun further explored different musical genres. This sub-unit provided a platform for the star and his bandmates, Chen and Xiumin, to delve into a more personalized music style, offering a fresh perspective to their existing fan base and attracting new listeners.

3. “UN Village”

The year 2019 marked Baekhyun’s solo debut, a significant milestone that allowed him to express his individuality as an artist. His solo projects showcased a more mature and refined side of his musical persona, earning him accolades and solidifying his status as a versatile artist in the K-Pop industry.

4. SuperM

Baekhyun’s musical expedition did not stop there. He joined forces with other accomplished artists from SM Entertainment to form SuperM, a supergroup that aimed at conquering the global music scene. His involvement in SuperM exhibited his capability to harmonize with different artists and further increased his global fanbase.


Finally, the most recent announcement that saw Baekhyun joining HEARTSTEEL by voicing Ezreal, one of the game’s most loved Champions, illustrates the modern-day fusion of music and digital artistry. This innovative venture not only broadens Baekhyun’s musical horizon but also mirrors the progressive trajectory of his career.

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Baekhyun’s journey from EXO to HEARTSTEEL reflects his ceaseless evolution as an artist. Each debut represents a new chapter, a fresh musical exploration that contributes to his rich and varied musical tapestry. His ability to thrive in diverse musical settings underscores his exceptional talent and his relentless pursuit of artistic growth. Through his multiple debuts, Baekhyun has not only enriched the K-Pop domain but has also set a remarkable precedent for aspiring artists.