Here Are All The K-Pop Groups Who Disbanded In 2017

They’re no longer together.

1. miss A

Following Jia and Min‘s departure from JYP Entertainment, the agency subsequently announced miss A had officially disbanded. Instead, Fei and Suzy will continue working on solo projects and acting.

2. Wonder Girls

After Sunmi and Yeeun decided to leave JYP Entertainment, the group announced their disbandment in January. Before officially parting ways, Wonder Girls released one last song “Draw Me.”

3. I.O.I

After successfully completing one year as a project group and holding a solo concert, I.O.I officially disbanded. Like Wonder Girls, I.O.I also released a good-bye song.


As their contracts came to an end, the members made a mutual decision to disband, with only Dasom and Soyou renewing with Starship Entertainment.


After being fairly unknown and struggled for five years, Spica officially disbanded in February of 2017.

6. History

FAVE Entertainment decided to pursue solo careers for each member.

7. I.B.I

Just like I.O.I, the project group has disbanded after their brief projects have been completed.

8. Chocolat

They have been inactive since 2013 and their contract ended in February.

9. D. Holic

All the members of the group left the group except Rena, leading to an eventual disbandment.

10. The Legend

After the group won a lawsuit against their label in May, the group officially disbanded.

11. Unicorn

Former member Rumi announced on her Instagram account that the group had disbanded.

12. VX

The boy band officially disbanded in November of 2017, according to the label.