Here Are The TOP 9 “MIXNINE” Male And Female Contestants

This is who’s at the top.

JTBC’s MIXNINE is a survival audition program lead by the legendary K-Pop idol producer Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment. In the show, young trainees compete to be on the list of TOP 9, who are given a chance to debut as a team later in the show!

MIXNINE just released their TOP 9 list for the first week of January and this is who made the cut:

Female TOP 9

9. Park Soo Min

8. Choi Moon Hee

7. Jeon Hee Jin

6. Nam Yoo Jin

5. Lee Ha Young

4. Lee Sujin *

*Due to a brutal car crash, Lee Sujin has bowed out of the show, effectively vacating the #4 spot.

3. Jang Hyo Kyung

2. Lee Soomin

1. Shin Ryu Jin

Male TOP 9

9. Lee Rubin

8. Yo Myung Myung

7. Kim Min Suk

6. Choi Hyun Suk

5. Song Han Gyeom

4. Lee Dong Hoon

3. Kim Byung Kwan

2. Kim Hyo Jin

1. Woo Jin Young