Here’s 10 Adorable Moments Proving BTS V’s Love For Strawberries

Strawberry king!

BTS’s V has made it quite clear since the beginning of his career that his love for strawberries is quite strong. With that being said, let’s take a look at some moments of V and his strawberries!

1. Choosing the right strawberry

He has commented before that he even knows how to tell which strawberries are good or not because he learned from his grandmother’s friend when he was young.

2. Photo Shoot With Strawberries

Doesn’t V look so stunning posing with strawberries in a wine glass like the fine king he is?

3. Selfies with strawberries

Look at how happy he looks just by holding a strawberry!

4. Seducing with strawberries

Put V and his signature tongue pose with some strawberries and ta-da! Seduction complete.

5. Not afraid to get messy

V’s not afraid to get a bit of cream on his face if it’s the only way he can eat the strawberries.

6. Official cake holder

V seems to always hold the strawberry cakes near and dear to his heart.

7. Strawberry advertisement please?

It’s about time someone contacted him to become the model of some strawberry farm!

8. V=Strawberries

Look at this adorable compilation of V being showered with strawberries galore.

9. Happy to share

Although V loves his strawberries, he loves his members even more and is always open to sharing!

10. Strawberry break

V always needs his strawberry fix before killing it on stage!

Do you love strawberries as much as V does?