Here’s 10+ GIFs Of Face Genius ASTRO’s Eunwoo That Will Brighten Your Day

No matter what expression he has, he always looks good

Eunwoo is a man that needs no introduction.

Just one look from him and he’ll even melt your ice cream!

Eunwoo was asked to introduce himself with ten facial expressions.

The thing was he looked drop-dead gorgeous with each facial expression!

His “happy” face will fill you with joy, even after the worst day.

His “sad” face is somehow just as adorable!

This is his “annoyed” face but it’s still stunning.

His “surprised” face makes you want to surprise him everyday.

And looking at his “peaceful” expression is like meditation.

His “cheery” face just makes you want to smile.

His “failure” face is supposed to make you feel down, but yet he still looks stunning!

But his “confused” face is hilarious.

No matter whether it’s his happy face or his “upset” face, Eunwoo still is a face genius.

And of course, Eunwoo has a “lovable” facial expression too.

It’s incredible how expressive Eunwoo can be with his face, and yet still look so stunning at the same time.

It’s no wonder that he is featured as an actor in so many dramas right now!

No matter what, what attracts fans most is how humble and kind-hearted Eunwoo is, especially when he is shy about his looks.

And everyone knows that the great thing about being a fan, is that Eunwoo will brighten up any day.


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