Here’s How 10 Korean Celebrities Look Without Their “Signature” Appearance

They look like different people.

Many Korean celebrities have a “signature” look to them, that’s just iconic for themselves. It can be something like bangs, a certain hairstyle, accessories, etc. Here are 10 of these celebrities and how they look without them.

1. Zion. T (Signature look: sunglasses)

2. Yoo Jae Suk (Signature look: glasses)

3. DAWN (Signature look: long hair)

4. Momo (Signature look: bangs)

5. Hyoyeon (Signature look: blonde hair)

6. Joon Park (Signature look: sunglasses)

7. Defconn (Signature look: glasses/sunglasses)

8. Heechul (Signature look: long hair with no bangs)

9. J-Hope (Signature look: not fully exposing forehead)

10. Lisa (Signature look: bangs)