Here’s 12 Different Color Berets That BTS’s V Can Pull Off Effortlessly

Which one is your fave?

BTS‘s V seems to have a thing for berets as it looks like he has one in almost every color! We are totally okay with it though because he pulls it off so well (as if there isn’t something V can’t pull off). Let’s take a look at how well he styles all the different colors and patterns of berets!

1. Red

2. Pink

3. Leopard

4. Burgundy

5. Checkered

6. Black

7. Brown

8. Yellow

9. Navy

10. Beige

11. White

12. Gray

Dubbed the most handsome man in the world, it’s no wonder he is able to pull off the beret with such grace and ease. I guess there isn’t anything that a perfect visual can’t handle!