Here’s 12 Moments K-Pop Fandoms Wish Non-Fans Knew About

K-Pop is a world in itself.

As K-Pop fans, we are all blessed with being a part of an awesome community that shares interesting and fun moments with each other. Do you ever have those moments where you watched something and you just felt like everyone else in the world needed to see it too? Here’s a compilation of some wacky and fun moments in K-Pop that fans wished non-fans could see!

1. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa winning with her solo track “Twit” the same day MAMAMOO held their comeback stage.

2. Winwin and Ten’s “Lovely” performance

3. PENTAGON’s acapella version of “Shine”

4. Gfriend’s 2x speed dance

5. Dreamcatcher SuA’s famous 30 second vlog

6. LOONA Jinsoul’s iconic head slam onto the table

7. ITZY’s Lia being a strawberry

8. (G)I-DLE Minnie’s cover of “Gravity”

9. EXID vs English

10. LOONA’s Haseul being an opera singer

11. RM’s All Force One Set

12. Red Velvet’s song “Wish Tree”