Here’s 13 Song Covers Done By BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook is truly BTS’s talented maknae!

BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is known for doing a variety of song covers to share with his fans. He has done many covers during online streams as well as special stage performances too! Here’s a list of some popular songs he has covered over the years!


1. 2U

This song, originally sung by Justin Bieber, fits well with Jungkook’s smooth vocals.

2. Paper Hearts

Originally sung by Tori Kelly in 2013, Jungkook still kills it.

3. Nothing Like Us

Another song originally from Justin Bieber. JB’s songs fits Jungkook’s voice well.

4. Purpose

Jungkook has been known to be a big JB fan!

5. Lost Stars

Originally a song by Adam Levine, Jungkook flawlessly sings it with his own style.

6. Oh Holy Night

A classic Christmas song turns special when Jungkook sings it.

7. All My Life

Originally sung by Korean singer Park Won, Jungkook adds a touch of flair with his emotional vocals.

8. Only Then

Originally a song by Roy Kim, Jungkook has also sung a bit of this on a Run! BTS episode as well.

9. Rainism

Originally a song by singer Rain, Jungkook kills both the vocals and the dance performance.

10. We Don’t Talk Anymore

A song by Charlie Puth, Jungkook and the group also performed with the singer at the MGA 2018.

11. See Through

Originally a song by Primary, you get to see a glimpse of Jungkook pre-debut in this clip.

12. Half Moon

A song by Dean, Jungkook seems to cover a lot of songs of artists that have smooth vocals.

13. Sofa

A song by Crush, Jungkook literally ‘crushes’ it with this one too.

What’s your favorite song cover done by Jungkook?