Here’s 15 Collaborations IU Has Done With Popular Male Artists

Queen of collaborations!

Singer IU is known for her flawless vocals and visuals as one of the top solo artists in Korea today. Her unique tone and style has made her one of the most sought after vocalists for collaborations as well. She has had the opportunity to work with many great artists so here is a list of some collaborations she has done with popular male artists in Korea!

1. BTS’s Suga

Her most recent collaboration, IU worked with BTS‘s Suga for the release of “Eight” which features their story about being 28 years old.

2. BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

“Palette” was released in 2017 and featured BIG BANG’s G-Dragon on her fourth studio album. This song was composed by IU herself with the lyrics written in collaboration with G-Dragon.

3. Park Jin Young

“Someday” was a track written for the drama Dream High and was written and composed by Park Jin Young.

4. Hyuk Oh

“Can’t Love You Anymore” is a song in collaboration with Hyuk Oh for her fourth studio album. This song featured a more R&B song that was different from her usual ballad style.

5. Sung Si Kyung

“It’s You” was a song released back in 2010 which featured their beautiful harmony together. They later released another collaboration nine years after this track titled “First Winter” in 2019.

6. Zion.T

“Red Queen” was released in 2015 featuring Zion.T and is known for being inspired by Sulli’s self-portrait.

7. Lee Juck

“Uncle” was a song from IU’s second studio album in 2011 which featured singer Lee Juck.

8. Zico

Zico released “SoulMate” featuring IU in 2018 and revealed that he was inspired by IU’s work ethic of being professional yet passionate about music.

9. Seo Tae Ji

“Sogyeokdong” was a secret collaboration with IU for his album Quiet Night. This was his first pre-release song online since his debut. Their collaborative track was released first in 2014 with Seo’s solo version releasing eight days later.

10. Yoon Sang

Composer Yoon Sang gifted the song “The Story That Only I Didn’t Know About” because of IU’s melancholy face. Below is clip of them on stage together as she performs the song.

11. Kim Chang Wan

IU and Kim Chang Wan’s collaboration remake of Sanurim’s “Meaning of You” was created because it was a song that her crush in middle school liked. Ever since then, this song carries the meaning of that boy.

12. Park Myung Soo

IU and Park Myung Soo teamed as part of Infinite Challenge’s music festival and released “Leon.” This song made an all-kill on charts taking the number one spot on all major streaming platform sites.

13. Epik High

Epik High and IU released “Love Story” in 2017 and scored an all-kill on charts on all six major Korean music sites and real-time charts.

14. SHINee’s Jonghyun

SHINee’s Jonghyun wrote “Gloomy Clock” for IU in which she immediately fell in love with. The two had a special friendship that was bonded through their love of music.

15. Jung Jae Hyung

IU revealed that she went all the way to composer Jung Jae Hyung’s house in order to receive a song for him for her second album. She succeeded and received “L’amant” to be included in her album.

What are some of your favorite song collaborations by IU?