Here’s 5 Photos Of TWICE’s Sana Being A Shiba Inu

Here’s TWICE’s Sana and her furry friend look-alike!

Online community boards have been posting comparison photos of TWICE’s Sana and the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu’s are indigenous to Japan and are known for their sensitive nature. This is probably why Shiba’s have the characteristic of showing different facial expressions.

Sana is also known for being the “expression queen”.

Her wide-eyed and surprised expression looks just like a shocked Shiba Inu.

Even their expression when just looking around looks the same.

Their cuteness can’t be hidden with a blanket either!

Their content and warm eyes just seem to melt your heart away.

The Sana-Inu is always hungry for something!

Which facial expression is your favorite?

TWICE recently ended promotions for their comeback with “Feel Special. The music video surpassed 80 million views, setting a record for the group.

With the promotions ending early, the girls will be preparing for their fan meeting and arena tour.

Source: insight