Here’s 5 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN Is A Self-Made Idol Group

This is what it means to be ‘self-produced’.

With more and more K-Pop idols participating in the production process for their music and performances, the term ‘self-producing’ idol has become more mainstream. Producing music is a hard task on its own, from lyric writing to editing, and it’s hard to find a group that is entirely ‘self-producing’. K-Pop group SEVENTEEN have proven otherwise as they have become one of the leaders in self-producing groups. Here are some reasons why they have earned this title!

1. Composing

SEVENTEEN has been known to be composing since pre-debut and Woozi is known to be the main producer of the group. Almost all of their songs are composed by him and he’s also written songs for other groups as well.

The other members also take part in composing as well and all members of the group have lyric credits.

Vernon’s name can be seen in many of their song credits for the English lyrics as well.

2. Choreography

Hoshi is known to be one of the main choreographers for the group, but they all actively participate in creating the dance. It is also known that they have even changed their choreography weekly to perform at music shows during the “Adore U” era.

3. Designing

Mingyu is known to have designed the official mascot Bongbong which is on their official merchandise. He has been designing many different things for the group since pre-debut. Most of their trading cards have also been drawn by the members themselves and have designed their own t-shirts for their third anniversary.

Mingyu also designed these stickers for Caratland 2018.

They also designed special t-shirts for their third anniversary and partnered with MYCT. The proceeds of the sale were donated to those in need.

4. Directing

They have even dabbled in directing with Wonwoo directing their “Holiday” music video.

Check out this video below to see more of SEVENTEEN taking part in composing, lyric writing, and choreography!

5. Teamwork

Most importantly, teamwork is what makes them able to be a self-produced idol group. Their reality show GOING SEVENTEEN really shows the behind-the-scene moments of how production comes together for them. They have a great sense of teamwork as they discuss and bounce ideas off of each other. While Woozi leads the group on, S.Coups plays a big part in making sure everyone is communicating.

Do you think SEVENTEEN has earned the title of ‘self-produced’ idol? Let us know!