Here’s 6 Facts About WayV’s Kun You Might Not Know

What can’t this man do?!

Kun has amazed fans through his performances as a main vocalist of NCT and leader of its unit WayV. But there are many facts about the artist that have amused and inspired fans! Here’s a list of some impressive facts about Kun that make him truly unique.

1. Bachelor’s Degree

Kun holds a Bachelor’s degree from Beijing Contemporary Music Institute, making him the only known NCT member to have a college degree! He completed his major in Pop Vocal Performance in 2017 before he debuted with NCT 2018.

Kun returned to his alma mater in 2018 to give a speech to the graduating class. | 19960101CN

2. Music Production

In 2020, Kun opened up a SoundCloud account with the username @kunxd. Since then, he has shared multiple tracks he has produced, arranged, and composed. These include a cover of HONNE‘s “Free Love” with NCT’s Chenle and a collaboration with fellow WayV member YangYang titled “LEONIDAS.” He also provided the piano and strings to his songs.

Kun recently shared his remix for WayV’s “Action Figure!”

I’m finally presenting ‘Action Figure’ KUN Remix version you’ve all been waiting for~ Would be amazing if you guys can feel a different energy of the music from this rearranged version! Hope you all love it~~~~

— Kun

3. Piloting A Plane

Kun shocked fans when he shared this clip of him flying a plane on Instagram with the caption “Test driving an airplane.” The singer said he wants to obtain his pilot license in the future.

On Weibo, fans were impressed by Kun’s skill and some asked Kun to take them along next time. Though Kun humorously said no, fans are still eager to see him pilot again.

Kun posted the clip on Weibo with the caption “Piloting an aircraft.”
“There’s no seat for you all [emoji] Because it’s a two-seater, and one seat is for the instructor.”

4. Two Driver’s Licenses

Kun already had a Chinese driver’s license, but in early 2020 he shared that he received his Korean license as well!

Kun shared this photo on Instagram when he received his Korean driver’s license.

Many fans joked about the fact that many of NCT’s members have yet to get driver’s licenses, while Kun has two.

5. Magician

Kun flipping a pair of glasses without touching them. 

From his NCT debut in 2018, Kun has shown off his magic tricks multiple times! His talent for illusions has shocked both fans and NCT members.

Members Johnny, WinWin, and Lucas were surprised by Kun’s magic trick.

6. Certified Drone Flyer

Recently, Kun received his certificate to fly a drone! In his YouTube series “[WayV-log] KUN’s Cloud,” Kun has shown off his skills with his drone named KFC as well as some stunning shots he has taken.

Numerous fans have expressed on social media how Kun’s personal accomplishments inspire them and make them proud to be his fan. Who knows what surprising skill Kun will show next!