Here’s 6 Female Idols Who Totally Rocked The 90s Scrunchie

Do you dig this trend?

As we all know, fashion always seems to make a comeback, and this time it’s the 90s scrunchie! We’ve seen a lot of the retro/vintage styles comeback from wide-leg pants and old school wind breakers, so it’s not that surprising that these cute hair ties have made it back into fashion trends again! Let’s take a look at some beautiful K-Pop artists that have been rocking this trend!

1. TWICE’s Nayeon

2. APRIL’s Naeun

3. Red Velvet’s Irene

4. Red Velvet’s Joy

5. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

6. IU

Who do you think rocked it the best? It seems as though this trend can be seen as a functional item to tie your hair, but also a fun accessory to have on your wrist. With K-Pop becoming a global phenomenon, idols can become a huge influence when it comes to fashion and culture.