Here’s 6 Highlights From ATEEZ’s First Ever Twitter Space

Yes, it was as chaotic as you’d expect.

ATEEZ treated fans to their first Twitter Space where members HongjoongSeonghwaYeosang, and Wooyoung spoke with ATINY.

Left to right, top to bottom: Yeosang, Seonghwa, Yunho, San, Hongjoong, Wooyoung, Jongho, Mingi.

The four members also debated some very important issues, like their opinions on mint chocolate and how to cook ramyun.

Here are 6 highlights from ATEEZ’s first ever Twitter Space!

1. Mint chocolate chicken?!

The mint chocolate debate has divided the K-pop world between die-hard lovers and haters.

Wooyoung defending mint chocolate during a debate. 

Wooyoung is one of the mint chocolate supporters in ATEEZ, but he set his limits when he was asked if he would eat mint chocolate chicken.

Yeosang: Oh they have mint chocolate chicken now?!

Members: [disgusted noises]

Hongjoong: Wooyoung, if you had the chance, would you try the mint chocolate chicken?

Wooyoung: I DON’T WANT IT.

Yeosang: [laughs] Okay, fine but don’t get mad about it.

Members: [also laughing] Yeah, why so angry?!

Though he said people should respect others’ tastes in food, even Wooyoung wouldn’t take his mint chocolate love that far!

Wooyoung saying they should respect each other.

2. Wi-Fi Troubles

Wooyoung kept cutting out during the Twitter Space, even though he said he was using 5G to do the Space. They wondered if it could have been his earbuds causing the disruption!

ATINY used the hashtag #ATEEZSPACE to joke about the poor connectivity.

Luckily Wooyoung was able to complete the Space with no large issues!

3. Wooyoung being Wooyoung

Fans love Wooyoung’s energetic, loud personality and he definitely let it shine during the Twitter Space!

ATINY particularly loved this moment where Wooyoung broke out into an impromptu cover of Stray Kids‘ “Back Door.”

4. Seonghwa: “Anybody there…?”

Seonghwa did his best in debating topics and speaking to ATINY, but his members couldn’t help but tease him.

They even started snoring while he was speaking!

ATINY shared some hilarious memes about the members’ reactions to Seonghwa, like the awkward silence after he finished speaking.

Don’t worry, Seonghwa, ATINY were listening to you!

5. International ATINY Struggles

Because Twitter Spaces don’t have a feature for subtitles, international fans were struggling to follow along with ATEEZ’s conversation!

Many talked about just laughing whenever they hear the members start laughing.

Furthermore, because of different timezones, fans joked about those who stayed up late for the Space and people sleeping through it all.

6. All-around Wholesomeness

ATINY trended #ATEEZSPACE all around the world! Hongjoong read out some places they were trending, like Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, and the United States. The members expressed their excitement and thanked ATINY for joining them for this Space!

Because ATEEZ are currently quarantining, fans have been concerned about their well-being. The members said that they hope this event helped ATINY worry less!

ATINY are glad to see (or hear) that ATEEZ are resting and doing well, and can’t wait to hear from the members again soon!