Here’s 7 Wise Quotes From K-Pop Idols That We Can All Learn From

There are many things we can learn from them.

Although K-Pop can be all about the lights and the glamour, it all comes at a price. Most idol groups go through a period of training before they are shown to the world. There are many hardships that they will and continue to face having a career as an idol. They will have to learn how to deal with the pressures from the public as they continue their journey as a K-Pop group.

There can be many things we can learn from these idols in terms of perseverance, determination, and passion. Many wise words have been said by various idol members that can help inspire and motivate us as fans and people.

Here’s a list of some great words of wisdom from idol group members!

1. BTS’s Jin

When asked what he thinks about the most as the oldest member of the group, he replied, “I try my best not to try and act like the oldest. If I try to act like I am the best although the leader is RM, our influence will become weak.”

Jin has shown time and time again that he does not use his age as an advantage and believes there is something to learn from everyone.

2. BTS’s Suga

“I see too much and too far. I always thought that there would be happiness above the clouds, but now that I am looking down from the clouds I am scared at times too. We receive courage by flying together. We may be scared of falling but we are not afraid of landing. Thank you and I love you.”

Suga has never been afraid to pour out his feelings to his fans as seen in his very personal lyrics from his mix tape and recent solo tracks. He hopes that his music is able to reach those who feel the same way and give them hope that life does go on and things do get better.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

“You always have to be 150% or more prepared so that even if you do make a mistake you will still be at 100%.”

Hoshi’s positive spirit and mind has always shined and is something fans love about him.

4. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

“You can only get hurt if you say hurtful things, right? You shouldn’t be talking with people like that.”

S.Coups’ advice may seem simple but it really is what we all should do when we face negative people.

5. TXT’s Taehyun

“I don’t like the expression of ‘talent’. This expression is the same thing as putting a variable in a box and trying to find the answer. If you put in some number and get x7 out of the box, the multiplication makes it a bit bigger. But we are able to choose the number we put in. We just have to make whatever we put in, bigger.”

Taehyun is trying to let people know that there are no limits in terms of talent or skill and that we are the ones that choose how far and how high we go in life.

6. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

“Everyone has a reason for having a hard time. We can’t know all the hardships that someone goes through just as everyone can’t understand all my hardships. We aren’t able to understand each others hardship 100%. We just have to stay by their side and be their breathe of fresh air 100%.”

S.Coups points out that sometimes just a shoulder to lean on can help someone out even if we may not understand all their problems.

7. Red Velvet’s Yeri

“It’s okay, there’s always tomorrow. Let’s live positively.”

Yeri’s bright personality and outlook on life has inspired many people to continue and chase their dreams.

What other idol members’ have inspired you to never give up?