Here’s 8 Times We’ve Misheard Lyrics In K-Pop

What are some of your favorite misheard lyrics?

We’ve all been guilty of mishearing lyrics in K-Pop and that’s totally understandable considering a lot of the music mixes Korean and English all the time. For foreign fans, many of the Korean words may sound like English words, creating totally different meanings and sentences. Let’s take a look at some fun misheard lyrics in K-Pop.


1. I GOT A BOY- Girls’ Generation

In this Girls’ Generation song, a lot of people seem to mishear the chorus part of “I got a boy 멋진, I got a boy 착한!” which actually means “I got a cool boy, i got a nice boy,” for phrases such as “I got a boy watchin’, I need a charger.”

2. Heart Shaker- TWICE

In TWICE‘s “Heartshaker,” we hear a certain line that sounds like “Is Sana gay” when the actual lyrics are “아상하게” which translates to “strange” or “weird.”

3. Highlight- SEVENTEEN

In SEVENTEEN’s “Highlight,” we hear the famous misheard lyrics of “I’m like a bird not a turkey” which actually is “I’m like a bird 날아갈게( flying).”


In BTS‘s “Idol,” the lyrics “I love myself (I love myself), I love my fans, love my dance and my what” are sometimes misheard as “I love my fans my kids and my wife.”

5. Lalala- TWICE

In TWICE‘s “LaLaLa,” the “La la la clap clap your hands” part sometimes sounds like “crap your hands” or even “crap your pants” to some people.

6. BLACKPINK Jennie- Solo

In Jennie‘s line “빛이나는 솔로” the Korean sound for “light” sounds like the word “bitch” making many people hear that part as “Bitch I’mma solo” instead.

7. Artificial Love- EXO

In EXO‘s “Artificial Love,” the part “Umm, she don’t love me 내겐” sounds like “she don’t love me naked” instead. “내겐” means “to me” in Korean.


In BTS‘s “DNA,” J-Hope‘s part sounds like “Put that ass on me” when the actual lyrics are “우주의 섭리” which means “providence of the universe.”

Are there any other misheard lyrics that you’ve been guilty of before? Let us know your favorites!