Here’s 9 Of A.C.E Kim Byeongkwan’s Most Iconic Twitter Interactions With Fans

There’s never a dull moment when he’s online!

A.C.E have a reputation not only for their incredible vocal performances, powerful choreography, and daring outfits, but also for having some of the most iconic interactions with fans online!

From left to right: Chan, Donghun, Wow, Byeongkwan, and Jun. | @official_ace7/Twitter

Member Kim Byeongkwan is especially known for making CHOICE wheeze over his replies to their tweets!

Kim Byeongkwan from A.C.E | @official_ace7/Twitter

Here’s a list of some of his most iconic Twitter interactions to date!

1. UWU

Byeongkwan replying to a fans tweet.

If there was any doubt that Byeongkwan keeps up with what’s happening online, this cleared it completely! His use of “uwu,” an emoticon prominently used in online spaces, proves he’s familiar with how fans speak.

2. Muscle Kirby

In July 2020, Byeongkwan told fans he began working out regularly so they could expect to see him get more muscle.

One fan told him he would end up looking like this image of a very beefed-up Kirby. Byeongkwan said that was his role model!

The next month, Byeongkwan dyed his hair back to a bright pink and he posted these photos on Twitter.

This fan brought back the Kirby image and said he finally met his goal!

3. ..? Wait what

Sometimes even Byeongkwan is taken aback by what he sees in his replies, like this time a CHOICE made the choice to call him a “cute little mushroom.” Byeongkwan had no words!

4. Only big people can read it.

Fans often lovingly refer to Byeongkwan as small, but sometimes the idol fights back! One time Byeongkwan couldn’t read a fan’s tweet…

A fan replied to Byeongkwan using generated font that he was unable to read.

… and when another fan said “Only big people can read it,” he immediately switched it up!

Byeongkwan hilariously shoots back at a fan calling him small.

5. Do I look gorgeous to you?

After posting a selfie on Twitter of himself looking gorgeous, one fan replied that his beauty made them feel ugly. Byeongkwan replied that “every each choice is the most handsome and pretty gorgeous to me!”

One user’s conversation with Byeongkwan.

But this wholesome moment quickly turned hilarious when a fan sent him an edited photo of Kevin Chamberlin in costume for his character Bertram from the Disney show Jessie!

Even so, Byeongkwan assured the fan that he found them gorgeous.

6. It’s “bed” 😭

This fan had the honor of being corrected by Byeongkwan after misreading a tweet that said “Bed selfie” as “bad selfie.”

Fans noticed his use of the sobbing emoji as a laughing emoji, which almost guarantees the idol reads through social media often! 😭

7. I’m not food!

Imagine trying to explain to somebody outside the Internet why it’s common for people to say they’d “eat” someone they found cute. Now imagine explaining it to your own fave!

Byeongkwan’s reply to a fan saying they’d eat him.

8. Can I hold your hand?

For some wholesome content, once a CHOICE asked Byeongkwan if they could hold his hand, and the idol took the time to take a picture of his hand and send it to them!

A fan asked Byeongkwan if they could hold his hand.

While it’s not the same as meeting face-to-face, it was still sweet and funny of the artist to do.

9. Bro delete this

Last but definitely not least, there was the time Byeongkwan went viral for his hilarious interaction with this fan.

Byeongkwan posted this photo of him at the gym while A.C.E were on tour in the United States. A fan replied to him telling him to “please delete this before my girl sees,” a meme that’s popular on Twitter.

Byeongkwan had the funniest reply and told the fan to delete their girlfriend’s Twitter instead!

He even talked about the viral moment during an interview with MyMusicTaste and explained the moment to his members.

A.C.E most recently came back with the title track “Higher.” Check out the hilarious idol’s hard work below!