Here’s What All 9 TWICE Members Have Learned About Friendship From Each Other Over The Years

We love their friendship!

TWICE is celebrating their 6th anniversary together, and there’s no doubting that the members are super close!


In a 2020 interview with Elle, the members opened up about what they’ve learned about friendship from each other during their time as a band.

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Here’s what all 9 TWICE members have learned about friendship!

1. Nayeon

Nayeon believed friendship was all about respect, especially since the members lived together.

She said, “It’s important to respect each other first. We all live together, and have realized how important it is to hear each other out and be there for one another.”

2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon believed that TWICE has become a true family, and she stressed the importance of encouraging each other.

She said, “We have all become family. I cannot live without them! They mean so much to me, and we all have great energy together. I have learned so much, but especially how the value of encouraging one another can go such a long way.”

3. Momo

Momo asserted that the TWICE members were all better together than they were apart. She also stressed the importance of relying on one another in good times and bad.

She said, “I learned that we are all better together. It’s important to lean on each other through the good and bad times.”

4. Sana

Sana believed friendship was about encouraging each other and being considerate of each person.

She said, “I learned how important it is to encourage each other. We all prioritize remaining considerate of one another.”

5. Jihyo

Jihyo admitted that it was hard for the members to adjust to living with each other at first, but said they all value their friendships with each other very much now.

She said, “I have learned that our friendships mean a lot to all of us. It was hard to live together at first, but now we learn from each other and are such good friends.”

6. Mina

Like Nayeon, Mina believed that friendship boiled down to respecting each other. She also revealed that the members do everything together because their bond is so tight.

She said, “I have learned that respecting each other is important. When we moved in, I remember overhearing a member saying, “Let’s do this together.” That really stuck with me because we’re all so close now and enjoy doing everything together.”

7. Dahyun

Dahyun believed all the members had the best energy when they were together as 9. She also believed it was important to enjoy her time with TWICE as much as possible.

She said, “I learned that we have the best energy when all nine of us are together. The best advice I was given was to enjoy the time together and find happiness through these stages of our lives.”

8. Chaeyoung

Like Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung believed that TWICE has become a true family. Over the years, she’s learned the importance of leaning on each other.

She said, “We have all become family. It was difficult to move in together at first, but now we’re able to take turns giving advice and lean on each other.”

9. Tzuyu

Tzuyu learned how important valuing one another’s opinions was to keeping a friendship going strong. She also learned the importance of positivity.

She said, “I have learned how important it is to value everyone’s opinions. The best advice I have been given to navigate fame is to focus on the positive things and what makes me feel encouraged.”

Source: Elle