Here’s How To Annoy Each BTS Member, According To BTS

They know exactly how to push each other’s buttons.

BTS are happy-go-lucky, positive people, but like everyone else, they have pet peeves. Here’s what annoys each member, according to BTS themselves.

1. Jin

When asked what annoys Jin, his members wrote these answers on their 2017 FESTA profiles. RM wrote, “taking his Nintendo away.” Suga and wrote, “ignoring him.

J-Hope wrote, “not sharing your food with him.” Jimin wrote, “sitting on his bed while dressed in your outdoor clothes.” Jungkook wrote, “hitting his butt.” 

2. Suga

What annoys Suga? According to RM, it’s, “not being able to drink an Americano”. Jin said, “making non-stop uncle jokes.” J-Hope said Suga gets annoyed if someone talks to him while he’s trying to sleep.

V, on the other hand, wrote that Suga gets annoyed when he is being ignored, especially when he’s boasting (wrote Jimin) or talkative (wrote Jungkook).

3. J-Hope

J-Hope is known to be a neat, organized person, so it’s no wonder why RM wrote, “be messy” and Jin wrote, “mess up his room”

Other ways to annoy J-Hope include: breaking his collectible figures (Suga), pestering him to work when he’s tired (Jimin), asking him if he wants black bean noodles (V), and just annoying him in general (Jungkook).

4. RM

What annoys RM? This fashionista doesn’t like it when he is only allowed to wear uniforms (Suga), or when people destroy his possessions (Jungkook). Only RM is allowed to destroy his things!

J-Hope wrote that RM doesn’t like it when someone hides his phone, and he isn’t a fan of noise. To avoid annoying him, don’t play speakers right next to him (Jin), sing right next to him (Jimin), or play loud music (V).

5. Jimin

Jimin is a king at being cute, but RM wrote that Jimin gets annoyed when someone keeps making him do aegyo. Suga wrote that Jimin gets annoyed when he has to do rock music because “his voice is too sweet,” and he also gets annoyed when he sings sad ballads (V).

According to Jin, saying “It’s not. It’s not.” gets on Jimin’s nerves, and he doesn’t like it when people tease him about his weight (J-Hope). Taking photos of Jimin from above (Jungkook) is also on Jimin’s list of pet peeves.

6. V

How to annoy V? RM wrote, “take away his speakers, computer, hamburgers, black bean noodles”. Suga agreed: don’t take V’s hamburger or noodles! V gets annoyed when Jin asks him to let him play a round of Overwatch, and when J-Hope turns on the heater.

To avoid irritating V, never pull the plug when he’s gaming (Jimin), and don’t prevent him from playing Overwatch (Jungkook).

7. Jungkook

If you want to annoy Jungkook, RM says to take away his comfy clothes and plain T-shirts,  and Jin says to sit/lie down on Jungkook’s bed without showering first. Jungkook gets annoyed when he is prevented from getting sleep (Suga), and woken up from sleeping (Jimin).

Using Jungkook’s stuff without asking permission (J-Hope), and deleting his Overwatch character (V) are two other ways to get under his skin!