Here’s How The Average Korean Will Look In 2100 According To Scientists

Through artificial smart image technology, pictures of average Korean faces from the past, present, and the future were produced to show how Koreans looked like. These images were created by historians and facial reconstruction experts based on skulls of ancient Koreans.


1. Ancient Koreans of 12,000 years agoThe generated faces have the distinct traits of North Eastern Asians.



2. The Silla Dynasty (57 BC – 935 AD)The average faces shifted significantly as blood was mixed with people who migrated south from Northern Siberia.


A round oval shaped face and small lips are the most significant traits.


3. Goryeo Period 918 ~ 2017Migration of foreign people became less common since the beginning of Goryeo Dynasty.


Through Korea’s unification in the Chosun period, Korean faces became close to what the average face is in present-day South Korea.

4. 2050As multinational families with neighboring Asian countries become more prevalent, South East Asian features may start to become more accentuated by 2050.



5. 2100By 2100, it is expected one out of every 5 households will be a multinational family.


The average Korean face is expected to most likely reflect traits from multiple Asian nations.