Here’s what each BIGBANG member looks like shirtless

Ladies, you may want to sit down for this.

If you’ve never seen BIGBANG‘s bulging pecs and chocolate abs, today is your lucky day!


1. After years of leaving much to the imagination, T.O.P finally flaunted his physique in Tazza: Hidden Card

T.O.P, why would you hide that? Why?


2. Seungri let these ladies get up close and personal in the “Fantastic Baby” music video.

Shouldn’t it be “Fantastic Body”?


3. T.O.P turned up the heat in this sizzling Tazza: Hidden Card scene with Honey Lee!

Time to crank up the air conditioning!


4. G-Dragon can be shy about his body sometimes…


5. …but other times not at all! 

So much attitude! So much swagger!


6. Seungri seems to really love showing off his abs to the ladies! 

They’re not complaining. We’re not complaining. No one’s complaining.


7. Daesung is fed up about being put on a time-out…


8. …but with muscles like this, he can easily break free! 

Could he be more perfect?


9. Fact: There are (probably) more photos of Taeyang with his shirt off than with it on… 


10. …but his fans are okay with that!

His wife, Min Hyo-rin, is one lucky woman!