Here’s How BTS Has Celebrated Chuseok Every Year From Their Debut Until Now

Every year, BTS is ARMY’s favourite Chuseok gift.

1. Chuseok 2013

In 2013, BTS celebrated their first Chuseok together since debuting in June.

They looked incredibly handsome in their hanboks…

…and had fun taking these group photos!


2. Group bow (2013)

To thank fans, the members gave ARMY the gift of a traditional bow while dressed in blue hanboks.


3. Chuseok 2014

A year later, BTS once again put on their hanboks to celebrate Chuseok their growing, devoted fanbase…

…and with each other.


4. Photoshoot (2014)

BTS also had a fun photoshoot, where they took individual and group photos…

…in their hanboks.


5. Jin (2014)


6. RM (2014)


7. Suga (2014)


8. V (2014)


9. Jimin (2014)


10. J-Hope (2014)


11. Jungkook (2014)


12. “Danger” (Appeal ver.) Dance Practice

On September 5, 2014, BTS uploaded their legendary appeal version of “Danger” just ahead of the Chuseok holiday. It remains one of ARMY’s all-time favourite BTS dance practices!


13. Live broadcast (2014)

BTS also hosted a live broadcast with fans in which they ate snacks while sharing their memories and their love for one another. Their sincerity never fails to warm ARMYs’ hearts!


14. Chuseok 2015

2015 and 2016 were the only years when BTS didn’t celebrate Chuseok while wearing traditional Korean clothing.

Instead, they laced up their running shoes and competed at the Idol Star Athletic Championships Chuseok Special. 

This ISAC was full of memorable moments…

…like Jungkook‘s legendary 400-m relay race win!

It was also full of fun moments outside of the sporting events…

…like this…

…and most definitely this!


15. Chuseok 2016

Once again, BTS showed off their athletic skills at the 2016 ISAC Chuseok special.

The members worked together…

…to win many events…

…and even took home a trophy!


16. Chuseok 2017

In 2017, fans were delighted to see BTS in their traditional clothing once again. This time the members had their Chuseok photoshoot in the studio and wore much more colourful outfits than they had in previous years.


17. J-Hope (2017)


18. Jimin (2017)


19. Jin (2017)


20. Jungkook (2017)


21. RM (2017)


22. V (2017)


23. Suga (2017)


24. Chuseok 2018

This year, BTS celebrated Chuseok abroad during their LOVE YOURSELF World Tour. The members wore their hanbok-inspired outfits from “Idol” and turned their hotel room into a photo studio for their photo shoot. Looking at the photos from 2013 until now, it’s clear how far BTS has come since their first Chuseok together!


25. RM (2018)


26. Jin (2018)


27. Suga (2018)


28. J-Hope (2018)


29. Jimin (2018)


30. V (2018)


31. Jungkook (2018)


32. Chuseok Greetings (2018)

In addition to their mini-photoshoot, BTS also uploaded a heartwarming Chuseok greeting for fans.