Here’s Who BTS’s J-Hope Thinks Is The Best And Worst Actor In The Group

The “best actor” also gave his opinion on who’s the worst in the group.

The BTS members have to do some acting in almost all their music videos, and they always do an amazing job.

In behind-the-scenes footage for their “Run” music video, J-Hope was asked who he thinks is the best and worst actor in the group.

When asked who he thought was the best, he said that it would probably be Jin.

His reasoning was quite simple, as he stated that Jin had studied acting in the past and had the most experience among the members.

When asked who he thought was the worst, he said Jimin.

J-Hope believed that Jimin’s voice didn’t suit acting that much.

Jimin soon heard about J-Hope’s comments and stated that he’s quite happy with his acting.

However, he did agree with J-Hope that his voice isn’t the best for acting and that he acts best when he doesn’t need to speak.

Jin also heard about J-Hope’s comments, and he immediately got shy due to the compliment.

Jin was also asked who he thinks is the worst actor in BTS, and he ended up giving the same answer as J-Hope.

However, once the filming concluded, Jin gave an encouraging message to Jimin about his acting.

Here is the full video below!