Here’s Why BTS’s Jimin Is Such An Incredible Performer, According To Astrology

His chart proves he was born to be an idol!

BTS‘s Jimin has been praised for his stage presence since his debut, and he’s totally deserving of all the praise!

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While Jimin’s stage presence is undoubtedly linked to his natural talent and years of practice, his natal chart reveals why he’s such a joy to watch on stage.

Here’s a breakdown of Jimin’s stage presence according to astrology!

1. Sun in Libra

Jimin was born on October 13, which makes him a Libra. Libras are sociable and peaceful, and they love interacting with other people.

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Although he’s an incredible dancer and vocalist, some of Jimin’s most memorable stage moments are his interactions with the other members and ARMY. As a Libra, he easily connects with people and draws others to him, which is why fans swoon every time he interacts with the crowd!


2. Moon in Gemini

Jimin’s moon sign is Gemini. People with Gemini as their moon sign are curious and are great at thinking quickly. Gemini moons are also very lively and versatile, which may be why Jimin easily adapts to any concept!

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Gemini moons are also incredibly charming. Anyone who’s ever seen Jimin perform knows he commands the stage and pulls the audience in with his charms!


3. Mercury in Libra

Jimin’s Mercury matches his sun sign! People with this placement tend to be extremely kind, and they’re social butterflies! Combined with Jimin’s Libra sun, this adds to his friendly stage presence during encore performances and his interactions with the crowd.

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 4. Venus in Scorpio

In Jimin’s natal chart, the planet Venus shows up in the sign Scorpio. People with this placement are naturally seductive and grab other people’s attention easily. No wonder Jimin rocks BTS’s sexy concepts!

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People with their Venus in Scorpio are passionate and concentrate intensely on whatever they’re doing. Perhaps this is why Jimin’s passion for music and dance shines through whenever he’s on stage!

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