Here’s What The BTS Members Said When They Were Asked To Give Their Honest Opinions About Jin

They all share a similar opinion.

One of the most charming points about BTS is their brotherly bond with each other.

During an interview, the members were asked to give their honest opinions about Jin, and they gave some heartwarming answers.

1. Suga

Something that Suga admires about Jin is his bright energy, as he’s able to lighten any atmosphere and uplift everyone’s mood.

2. J-Hope

J-Hope admires how even though Jin is the eldest member, he never uses that as an advantage.

Instead, Jin acts more like a friend towards the other members, which helps keep the group together.

3. RM

RM admires Jin’s ability to break the ice with strangers and how he can lighten any environment.

While Jin loves to joke around, he also knows when it’s time to get serious, which RM admires.

RM also admires Jin’s constant efforts to improve his dancing.

4. Jimin

Similar to the other members, Jimin loves how playful Jin is and how he’s truly like a friend to them.

However, Jimin also admires how Jin works hard to fill in any gaps he sees in the group.

5. V

V shares that he admires Jin for how handsome he is, and for how hard he works.

V reveals that Jin is someone who will practice until dawn alone, and someone who gives all of his efforts for BTS’s performances.

V also admires how Jin always shows his positive and playful nature to the BTS member.

6. Jungkook

Jungkook shares a similar opinion with a lot of the members, as he says that while Jin might joke around a lot, he’s someone who works extremely hard.

Jungkook also admires how hard Jin has worked since their debut, and picks him as the member who has improved the most since debut.

Here’s the full video below!