Here’s What Each Of The BTS Members Thought About One Another Six Years Ago

They are just one big family.

An online community board posted a message revealing what BTS members thought about each other from six years ago and gained much attention for their answers. Their answers showed just how honest and real they were about one another. Let’s take a look at their answers!


RM: He can be quite the talker. He always strives to be carefree. He’s really laid-back. But he also knows his boundaries and he abides by those rules. Sometimes I really wonder if he really is the oldest. He seems pretty proud of his cooking skills. He’s cute!

Jungkook: He is always very confident. I think he’s gotten even more confident recently.

J-Hope: He’s very tidy and takes good care of himself and is very detailed and precise. But he seems to have a bit of a temper these days. When he gets mad he doesn’t see anything else.

V: Anything Jin says is a lie.

Suga: He likes quiet things and is calm. He is great at taking care of himself. He gets things done in a detailed manner.

Jimin: He’s the most timid out of all of us. He seems more like the youngest member than the oldest. He has a deep way of thinking and is really nice. He tends to go overboard about his good-looking face.


Jin: He likes being in bed. He always gives help through the various knowledge that he has. It’s interesting to see where he gets all these interesting knowledge from.

J-Hope: He’ really cool and is strongly opinionated. He acts like he doesn’t care but he really does. He seems clumsy but is actually really detailed.

V: He has a lot of knowledge. He is really cool and amazing on stage. There is no hope for his lethargy though.

Jungkook: He’s like a grandpa. But his passion for music is overflowing. He has a lot of knowledge. But he still is a grandpa.

RM: He is really shy and has a lot of random knowledge in his head. He’s a grandpa and he acts like he’s cool but he really wants to be loved. He likes music. He is stubborn and passionate. He is able to say what he wants in front of anyone. He has good style.

Jimin: He talks a lot in front of everyone. He is unstoppable but it is also my personal opinion that I think he likes being loved by the members.


J-Hope: He’s really clumsy and not very careful..he has a sort of personality that makes you feel sorry…he does take care of others well.

Jin: He seems like a certain character called ‘sseureki’ from the Reply series. They need to give money to RM. He is just like that character.

V: If you take away music from him his personality is just like the character from Reply 1994.

Suga: He is really careful when he is working on something. He cares a lot about what others think.

Jungkook: He is a genius but also dumb. But he is still smart. He likes to destroy things. He is good at music.

Jimin: Most of what the other members are said are correct. He is shy, clumsy, and his mood changes depending on how he feels that day. He is very careful and always takes care of the members.


Jin: His hopeful and bright image is not just a concept but his true personality. Whoever is with him is always happy. You can’t help but laugh even it if is something ridiculous.

V: I like to joke that his happy image is a concept. I bother him every day. But it is true that his personality is bright and positive. There is no answer for this hyung.

RM: He likes to test out the waters before doing anything. I sometimes wonder if he has a subjective way of thinking. He’s sometimes not that happy and bright. But it is him and Jin who help me hold my ground. He always stays true to his words.

Jungkook: He likes to play hard to get. He is hopeful and happy but sometimes he is dark. But I’m glad he is still bright.

Suga: He has the ability to make those around him happy. He has a lot of people around him. There isn’t anything bad about him and he has a mellow personality.

Jimin: He likes to joke around and bother the younger members. He is the group’s most bright and cheerful member but he is also quite shy.


Jin: He may seem strange and look like it’s a concept. He always asks before he does something. He is very meticulous.

J-Hope: He makes you question a lot of things. There is no answer to his personality.

RM: Hmm he was…”There was no answer from you~” this song is good.

Jungkook: He is my hyung but I don’t know what to say.

Suga: He seems a bit childish for his age. He doesn’t care about what other people think about him.

Jimin: He doesn’t care what others think and is open to talking honestly about things. He has a bright personality and sometimes doesn’t get what’s going on. He likes to joke and play around. He is pure.


Jin: He’s cute but he also likes to push boundaries. It feels like a puppy is trying to cross the line. He can’t reject favors because he’s too nice.

RM: He is timid and nice and is respectful to others. He’s actually not as shy as you would think. He likes clothes and being stylish. He is good at answering but not good at actually putting it into action. He can be stubborn at times. He really puts a lot of effort into what he does.

Suga: He listens well to his hyungs. He is not someone you can hate. He tries really hard to live well.

J-Hope: He’s nice and listens to his hyungs. He has a lot of greed and always finishes what he starts. He also listens to me the most and has a really good personality.

Jungkook: He really puts in a lot of effort and is a very shy blood type A. But he is also stubborn and doesn’t like to lose.

V: He is cute and has a bit of a temper. He is a trustworthy and loyal friend. I talk to him the most and talk to him about anything.


Jin: He seems serious but I think that’s just a concept. He isn’t good at rejecting favors.

RM: He has his own opinions and doesn’t share clothes. He does his laundry separately too. He has a shy tendency of a maknae. He tries to act manly but he’s really just cute. His passion is strong but short. He is a bit of a rebel but he’s cute.

J-Hope: He is a maknae that doesn’t listen well. He has a good personality though.

V: Honestly he’s just like me. There is no answer.

Suga: He’s still a bit childish because he is the youngest. But he is clear in the things he likes and dislikes.

Jimin: He is nice and pure but isn’t too good at expressing his feelings. That’s why he is cute. Jungkook is mine.

These answers were from 2014 and were taken as a light-hearted way to express the members. It has been six years since they’ve answered these questions and they’ve answered similar questions like this over the years. Their answers seem to change a bit as they’ve gotten older but it doesn’t change the fact that they are always going to be each other’s’ biggest support system.