Here’s How BTS Members Will Be As Fathers In The Future, According To Their Signs’ Personalities — Prepare Your Tissues

They would all make great dads! And it’s cute how RM and Jungkook have the same sign, don’t you think?

If you’ve ever wondered how BTS members will act like when they become fathers in the future, here’s a glimpse of it, according to their star signs’ personalities.

1. RM and Jungkook (Virgo)

Virgo dads love having children, just like RM when he mentioned that it’s his dream to be a father and to have children in the future.

Since Jungkook and RM are under the same zodiac sign, it also follows that both of them believe in discipline and hard work.

Remember Jungkook sometimes being hard on himself because he strives for quality always? It’s great to strive for quality like Jungkook, and it’s also great to realize that there’s no such thing as perfect, as RM would often remind him.

Since they’re good at communication and are usually very intelligent…

…Virgo fathers like RM and Jungkook can come off as fussy, but it’s really just because they’re deeply concerned about their family and their lucky children.

2. Jin (Sagittarius)

Just like how he is with the members, Jin, like any other Sagittarius dad, believes in helping his child become independent.

They also love taking their children to vacations and exotic outings.

And of course, who can ever forget Jin’s dad jokes? They are definitely in a league of its own.

3. Suga (Pisces)

Pisces fathers are usually extremely artistic — does Suga‘s musical genius ring a bell, anyone?

In case Suga becomes a father in the future, he will be highly devoted to his children. Perhaps he may even like introducing new traditions just to strengthen his bond with them?

He’ll also make family life more interesting, as Pisces men are known to be perceptive and smart in nature.

4. J-Hope (Aquarius)

J-Hope is an Aquarius at heart, as they’re known to be joyful and quite fond of the company of the people they love.

Most likely, his children will be impressed by his open-mindedness as Aquarians are broad-minded. J-Hope will also be a great father since Aquarius dads are genuinely interested in helping other people, especially their children, in times of hardships.

5. Jimin (Libra)

Libra dads like Jimin usually have a charismatic and loving parenting style.

He’s the kind of father who will be more like a “friend” to his kid, than a parent.

Jimin, like other people under the Libra sign, is compassionate and understanding and will try to bring out the best in his children someday.

He’s great with children, after all!

6. V (Capricorn)

is the kind of father who expects his children to be affectionate with him — just like other Capricorn dads. Isn’t this adorable?

Capricorn dads also make sure to teach their children about the lessons they learned in life.

But of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t spoil them once in a while, right? V loves giving gifts to his members, after all.

At the end of the day, their future children will definitely be lucky!

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