Here’s What BTS’s First Impressions Of Each Other Were…And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

This is just a BTS member roast session.

BTS have demonstrated their close bond on multiple occasions, as they now consider each other family.

Yet, their first impressions of each other were unique. Here’s what the members originally thought of each other when they first met.

1. RM

Jungkook had an interesting meeting with RM, as RM wasn’t wearing any pants when they met. Jungkook didn’t mind, as he was amazed by RM’s thighs.

Jin recalls another funny story, as he remembers the dance that RM was doing when he first saw him.

2. J-Hope

Suga just remembers how insanely tan J-Hope was when they first met. Suga even believes that J-Hope was the tannest person he ever met.

3. Jimin

Jimin was wearing some unique clothes during his meeting with Suga. Suga can even recall the outfit Jimin was wearing.

The other members just start laughing once Suga explains his thoughts when he first met Jimin.

4. Suga

Jin recalls that Suga was wearing a similar hat to the one he was currently wearing.

The members then proceed to roast Suga a little, such as V not seeing any growth in his fashion sense.

Jin also has a hilarious memory of the expensive gift Suga once gave him.

5. Jungkook

Jungkook had some unique habits when he was young, as V can remember them quite easily.

The members also made Jungkook pay for some food when he first came as a trainee, as it was a tradition.

6. Jin

Jimin recalls that Jin was quite a scary person when they first met.

Jin just quietly listens to Jimin’s recollection of their first interaction.

7. V

When V first came as a trainee, he was wearing an expensive jacket.

While the members initially roast him, V goes on to explain that his mother bought him the jacket so that he wouldn’t get bullied.

Here is the full video below!