Here’s What The Cast Of “Coffee Prince” Look Like 12 Years Later

They look more incredible now than ever.

It’s hard to believe that 12 years have passed since Coffee Prince hit screens and became an instant classic. This iconic romantic K-Drama stars Gong Yoo as Han Gyul, a man who hates the idea of joining his family’s coffee business, and Yoon Eun Hye as Eun Chan, a plucky tomboy who is strapped for cash. They are supported by a memorable ensemble cast, who look even better in 2018 than they did back in 2007!


1. Gong Yoo (Choi Han Gyul)

Goon Yoo played Choi Han Gyul, the surly chaebol and coffee shop manager who rebels against his family whenever he can. His family expects him to inherit their coffee empire and settle down with a respectable woman, but Han Gyul isn’t crazy about complying. To get out of his blind dates, he shows up with a fake lover, Eun Chan, whom he mistakes for a man and eventually falls in love with for real.


Gong Yoo was in his late twenties when he joined the Coffee Prince cast and sported fluffy boyband hair and a rebellious earring for his role.


Now Gong Yoo is approaching age 40 and looks more handsome than ever!


He has sported a number of hairstyles over the last 12 years, but he took on these luscious waves for Goblin, his most recent K-Drama.


2. Yoon Eun Hye (Ko Eun Chan)

This talented actress starred opposite to Gong Yoo as Eun Chan, a spunky girl who is determined to keep her female identity secret in order to work at the all-male cafe. For this role, Yoon Eun Hye sported short, boyish hair that helped her portray her androgynous character.


Yoon Eun Hye has made a complete 180 and is now rocking this gorgeous, feminine look. Her hair is much longer now that it was in Coffee Prince, but she hasn’t aged a day! Who would guess that this baby-faced beauty is now in her early 30s?


Yoon Eun Hye will made her K-Drama comeback with Love Alert after a 5 year hiatus from 2013-2018. She is also slated to star in the movie After Love, which does not yet have a release date.

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3. Lee Sun Gyun (Choi Han Sung)

Lee Sun Gyun played the second male lead: a music producer who develops an attraction to Eun Chan, despite his lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend. His character dressed casually, had short spiky hair, and sported thick-rimmed specs.


Like his co-stars, Lee Sun Gyun is only getting better looking with age!


For his most recent drama, My Mister, this handsome man cut his hair short and grew just a hint of facial hair. 


4. Chae Jung An (Han Yoo Joo)

Chae Jung An, who played Gong Yoo’s first love, looked so stunning in Coffee Prince that it’s difficult to understand why Gong Yoo’s character didn’t marry her on the spot.


In the 2018 legal drama Suits, Chae Jung An can be seen with a honey-brown bob and a more mature appearance that is just as beautiful as her past girl-next-door look, if not moreso.


5. Kim Chang Wan (Hong Gae Sik)

This versatile, veteran actor played one of Gong Yoo’s five employees. In this drama, he had a short, simple hairdo and glasses…


Surprise! He still does! He may have found a way to stop time too because he looks almost exactly the same now as he did in 2007.


6. Kim Dong Wook (Jin Ha Lim)

Kim Dong Wook (far right) played a bubbly young waiter in Coffee Prince. This supporting role brought him into the mainstream and gained him many new fans.


Kim Dong Wook no longer has his long, sweeping hairstyle and has a more mature, manlier look compared to his flower boy Coffee Prince image.


7. Kim Jae Wook (No Seon Ki)

This gorgeous waffle chef’s visuals made a lasting impression on viewers. In Coffee PrinceKim Jae Wook has beautiful long hair tied back in a low ponytail.


This ageless visual king is still reigning supreme! He may be older now, but he still has the same distinctive flower boy looks that fans fell in love


8. Lee Eon (Hwang Min Yeom)

Lee Eon was another one of Gong Yoo’s memorable waiters who was charged with attracting female customers with his looks as much as with his wait skills. Sadly, this promising actor passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2008, but even 12 years later, fans still remember this charming and talented young man.