Here’s The Dating History Of Every Member Of GOT7

GOT7 boys know exactly what they want!

Most GOT7 members are scandal-free, with little to no history of dating rumors. This may be because the boys have been signed into traineeship at relatively young ages, and because JYP Entertainment has years of no-dating policy for its managing artists. Still, the boys share hopes to try dating when they have the time and opportunity. Check out each member’s history and ideal type.


1. JB

On an episode on The Romantic Idol, JB talked about his ex-girlfriend whom he saw once a week, prior to debuting, most likely when he was a high school student.

I used to see her once a week. Before I went to see her, I would plan a trip. She lived far away from me, so I had to take the bus early morning to go see her once a week.

— JB

Later, during a radio interview with Cultwo, JB briefly mentioned not having dated as many times as Jackson has. He explained that since he began training with JYP Entertainment, and after debuting as a K-Pop idol, he was not allowed to date.

JB mentioned his ideal type being Suzy. In general, he wants someone who is understanding.

I want to date someone who is very understanding about the work I do. I want something flexible.

— JB


2. Mark

Mark stated in an interview that he is the type who doesn’t hesitate when he is sure the chemistry is there.

It takes me a while to approach the person I like, but in a couple months when I’m certain that she likes me back, I tell her straight up.

— Mark

Shortly after debut, Mark mentioned SISTAR‘s Bora as his ideal type. He stated, “Bora is really charming. She’s charismatic, like Beyonce.”


3. Jackson

During his appearance on a Chinese TV program, Jackson shared that his first girlfriend was caucasian. Then he mentioned he has dated 4-5 different girls. On a different Korean program, he again confirmed that he has dated before debuting with GOT7.

After signing with JYP Entertainment though, Jackson has stayed out of the dating game because, J.Y. Park and I promised that I won’t date for three years and instead focus on work.”

Jackson’s ideal type, as he revealed on several interviews, is not specific.

If she feels okay, if we get along, that’s enough. I’m all about the vibes.

— Jackson


4. Jinyoung

Jinyoung is also a man of his words, because he mentioned he hasn’t been dating since he made the no-dating promise with JYP Entertainment. He does, however, mention his ideal type to be someone who can let him be himself.

I think someone who is comfortable and like a best-friend would be good. Dating shouldn’t be stressful, that’s not love.

— Jinyoung

Once, for a 2012 interview, Jinyoung outlined a very specific ideal type.

I want my girlfriend to be talkative, so that when we’re at a cafe we have things to talk about. I want her to have a natural face. I don’t mind plastic surgery, but I wish it would seem natural on her. I like larger eyes and strong facial features. I also want her to have dark eyebrows. No bangs. I prefer long natural hair that flows, full-on goddess style. If she looks great in a shirt, jeans, and sneakers… Wait, am I being too honest right now?

— Jinyoung

5. Youngjae

Youngjae’s ideal type is simple; If he likes her, she is his type.

During an interview, Youngjae explained he is cautious before taking a full swing, when he is trying to approach his ideal type.

I think I test out the water before I make a move. I keep asking and checking to make sure there is potential.

 — Youngjae

Youngjae once mentioned 9MUSES to be his pick of the girl groups.


6. BamBam

BamBam had a small dating scandal when a picture of him and TWICE’s Mina went around. As soon as the photo was leaked, fans believed it to be photoshopped. JYP Entertainment, however, confirmed the picture is real but to mean nothing.

It’s a simple photo that has no meaning. BamBam and Mina are agency friends

 — JYP Entertainment

The scandal was only fueled when a TV program footage of BamBam talking about his ex-girlfriend resurfaced.

I had a Japanese girlfriend before I debuted. So I learned how to speak a bit of Japanese. She was from Osaka, Japan. I feel like Japanese girls don’t play hard to get, but rather take the lead in a relationship.

— BamBam


7. Yugyeom

Yugyeom’s ideal type is quite specific. Through an interview, he mentioned he likes someone who “has long hair and pale skin, is skinny, and comes with little quirks.”

Visual-wise, Yugyeom has mentioned before that he likes f(x)‘s Krystal.

I feel like Krystal would be really hard to approach at first, but really nice  to me once I get to know her. She’s really pretty!

—  Yugyeom

When he finds someone like this, he is the first to make the move.

I approach first when I see someone who is my style.

— Yugyeom