Here’s The Dating History Of Every Member Of TWICE

With all the aegyo TWICE has, it seems like they would be the cutest girlfriends ever!

Park Jin Young has once revealed in an interview that he has forbidden TWICE from dating for 3 years after their debut. Seeing that they are not quite at that 3-year mark yet, it does not come as a surprise that TWICE members do not have much experience in the dating game! Nonetheless, this is what is known about the dating history of TWICE members as well as what type of qualities they look for in their partner!


1. Nayeon

Not much is known about Nayeon’s past relationships, but she has revealed on a radio broadcast what she looks for in the opposite gender: “I don’t have an ideal type in particular, but I like someone who is reliable. I tend to require a lot of attention so…I often lose things and things like that make me stressed out. I’m also not very good with machines so I’d like someone who’s good with mechanics.”

While no one knows anything about her past relationships, Nayeon was caught on a public “date” with fellow member Jeongyeon, who later shared a photo of Nayeon from their day together with the hashtag #hotgirl.

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2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon revealed in an unreleased footage of Law of the Jungle that she was single. She began asking the staff members if they had girlfriends. When they all replied that they did, she shouted, “How come I’m the only one without one!” She also revealed that the last time she dated someone was in middle school.

She also mentioned on a radio broadcast that her ideal type is someone who makes her feel comfortable and someone who is funny.


3. Jihyo

Information about Jihyo’s relationship experience is unknown. However, she has talked about her ideal type on a radio broadcast. She said, “I hope it would be someone who I could be myself around when we’re together.”

She has also mentioned on another radio broadcast that she likes the actor, Cho Jin Woong. She said, “I really enjoyed watching Signal and Cho Jin Woong was really great. He was very charming. It was very good. I think he seems very reliable and charming at the same time.”

In an episode of TWICE’s Private Life, she left a cute message for her future boyfriend which gave some additional hints as to what her type is. Her message goes, “Hello, future boyfriend. I’m very lonely. Today, I’m enjoying an imaginary date with these friends. I even wore this outfit to look pretty, do you like it? It’s my date look. First of all, I have something to ask of you. If I fall in here, I hope you will come save me. I want to meet a man like this stingray here who has a big heart and is courageous. I hope you’re that kind of person. Bye.”

Currently, Jihyo is in a relationship with Kang Daniel, who certainly fits all of her wishes of a big heart and being courageous!

4. Momo

Momo also doesn’t have any known relationship experience but her ideal type is someone who eats well and in particular, someone who loves to eat jokbal (pig feet)! She explained that this was because she loves to eat jokbal herself.

She confirmed that her ideal type is indeed one that eats well in her message to her future boyfriend. She said, “Hello, future boyfriend. Since I eat a lot, I hope that you would eat a lot of delicious food with me and since I’m not good at expressing my feelings, please express yourself more! Bye.”


5. Sana

Although TWICE has been banned from having relationships for the first 3 years after their debut, Sana said on Radio Star that they were never banned from having “Some” relationships (unofficial dating)! Although it is unclear who she might have gone on the dates with, her answer on the talk show indicates that she may have gone on some dates since her debut after all!

Sana’s ideal type is someone who is nice to her parents and someone who works hard for his career.


6. Mina

Mina’s ideal type is someone who is kind, polite, playful and has the leadership to make decisions for her.


7. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung likes a man who takes good care of her and loves her a lot. She’d also like him to be fashionable, just like she is!

Although her dating history is not known, she once said that she was ready to be in a relationship and that her all her future boyfriend needs to do is reveal himself to her. She added that since she is banned from dating for 3 years, that he should appear about 4 years later.


8. Dahyun

Dahyun likes a man who is reliable like a father, a man who is nice to her parents and a man who loves her very much.


9. Tzuyu

Tzuyu has never been in a relationship before, which is understandable since she debuted at the young age of 16. She hopes that the person she meets would not only be good to her, but also to her family, friends and even TWICE fans!

He must also love her more than she loves him, and love puppies as well.