Here’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That’s Ever Happened To Each EXO Member

It’s not always easy being EXO.

1. Xiumin’s Not-So-Solo VR Experience

On the first season of It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets, Xiumin was blissfully experiencing the wonderful world of VR.


While he was playing, Jo Jung Chi entered the house and was shocked by what he saw.


Even when Jo Jung Chi sat directly in front of him, Xiumin was too immersed in the game and didn’t notice him.


He was super embarrassed and shocked when he took off the VR goggles, realizing Jo Jung Chi had been there the whole time.


2. When Junmyeon (Suho) Became Junhee

Throwback to Suho, Kyuhyun, Minho, and Changmin’s iconic Girl’s Day performance.


Suho was totally charismatic and gorgeous on stage. 


Despite this, he was spotted running away from the camera in embarrassment after the stage ended.


He later told fans that it was his sister “Junhee” that had performed, and she had moved abroad forever.


3. Lay’s Weak Spot

Lay revealed on Weekly Idol that he’s really sensitive to having air being blown on neck.


Of course, Doni and Coni had to test it out.


Lay ended up screaming and writhing on the floor, on national television.


4. Baekhyun Got Too Hyped

EXO was performing at a Hallyu Festival and had just finished singing the song “3,6,5.”

It’s a song without choreography, so they spent the song walking around, dancing, and giving out fan service. Since Baekhyun’s mood was so up, he kept hyping the crowd when the song ended.


That’s when the music for “Love Me Right” started playing.


He was so shook.

His embarrassment got even worse as a firework went off and scared the crap out of him.


5. Chen’s Wardrobe Malfunction

It was part of EXO’s concert to do a wardrobe change on stage! 

They would change their shirts behind a thin paper while still singing a song and teasing the fans. Before the song ends, all the members are supposed to rip through the paper fully changed.


Except this time, the paper fell down before Chen was ready.


Chen was so embarrassed he had to run backstage to finish getting ready!


6. Chanyeol Gets Called Out For Gross Habit  

A fan called in to Weekly Idol to leave a message for EXO.


She begged Chanyeol on national television to please stop picking his nose!


They even prepared a video of one of the videos.

He was pretty shocked, but promised he was just “touching” it because it was “itchy.”


7. D.O.’s Stage-Fright-Inducing Mistake

D.O.’s most embarrassing moment happened right at their debut and caused him to have stage fright.


He forgot the line he memorized to describe EXO’s song “MAMA” and ended up saying it had a “superior orchestra” sound… whatever that’s supposed to mean.


Since then, D.O. has been hesitant to speak on mic at live broadcasted events.


8. Kai’s First Failed Commercial 

Although Kai is a seasoned actor now, there was a time when he was embarrassed to act on camera. 

While having hot pot during a reality show, the members instructed him to act out a hot pot commercial.


Kai tried to act out a cool commercial but was too ashamed to keep going.


He took out how awkward he felt on poor Baekhyun!


9. Sehun’s Embarrassment Goes Viral 

Sehun was chatting with NCT’s Johnny (his long-time friend) at ISAC, when they were momentarily separated.


When Sehun went back to Johnny he ended up going to Jeonghan, who had a similar hairstyle at the time.


That’s when the viral moment happened.


Considering the video made it’s rounds all over the internet, it’s safe to say this is one of Sehun’s most embarrassing moments!

Sehun Thought SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was NCT’s Johnny And It Was Awkward