Here’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That’s Ever Happened To Each BTS Member

You’d be embarrassed too, if it happened to you.

1. J-Hope’s elevator incident

BTS fans will never forget the legendary elevator prank from Rookie King, and neither will J-Hope.

The prank began with each BTS member showing off his charms during an elevator ride. Little did they know that a mysterious woman would interrupt their solo performances by entering the elevator.

When the door opened, J-Hope was lying on the ground, flapping like a fish out of water.  As soon as he saw the woman, he jumped to his feet and tried to explain why he was acting like a complete weirdo.

J-Hope was so embarrassed that he couldn’t keep still. He paced the elevator while hiding his blushing face behind his mask.

Eventually, the mask came off as J-Hope nervously wiped away his sweat. He shyly peeked up at the woman, trying to gauge her reaction.

The ride got even more awkward when a crowd of other actors piled into the elevator. J-Hope found himself getting a little too close for comfort with the actress!

When the prank ended, Jimin asked J-Hope how he felt. J-Hope said that he felt like he was going to die of embarrassment!


2. Jimin’s misguided compliment

Jimin ended up embarrassing himself by trying to pay SHINee‘s Taemin a compliment.

When a fellow panelist suggested that a masked singer might be Taemin, Jimin shot the idea down.

He insisted that Taemin was a much better dancer. Jimin said it out of love for Taemin, but quickly realized that he may have unintentionally insulted whoever was behind the mask.

Realizing his mistake, Jimin began to pray that the mystery performer wasn’t a sunbae…

…but, naturally, it was none other than MBLAQ‘s Thunder.

Jimin couldn’t have been more shocked. He hid his face…

…and crouched down…

…while probably wishing he could disappear.

Once Jimin got his embarrassment (somewhat) under control, he apologized to Thunder for his blunder.


3. RM’s embarrassing haircut

RM has had many hairstyles, but one makes him cringe every time.

RM’s most memorable hairstyle may be his permed undercut from “No More Dream”, that’s not the one he considered his most embarrassing.

He has no problem with these dreadlocks…

…or even this Sailor Moon wig.

On an episode of Problematic Men, the hosts showed each of their guests a compilation of their most embarrassing photos. RM’s collage featured a number of unusual hairstyles, but he told the hosts that they could laugh all they wanted about his other photos. His middle school photos were the only ones he was really embarrassed about!


4. V’s rap from the past

V has had plenty of awkward and embarrassing moments over the years, but this one made him walk right off the set.

During an episode of Idol Party, the hosts played a 2014 clip of V rapping backstage at a music show.

V was so embarrassed that he flung his towel to the ground…

…and headed straight for the studio’s doors.

Suga wasn’t any help. He shouted “wow, so embarrassing!” as V marched away.

To add insult to injury, the host brought V back onto the set and had him rap the line for them in person!


5. Suga’s cheesy acting

Suga is nearly impossible to embarrass. From on-stage fumbles to off-stage blunders, this smooth-operator takes everything in stride.

That said, he nearly died when he rewatched his old, terribly cute (or just plain terrible) acting on Weekly Idol. The video was from BTS’s early days and featured each member saying pick-up lines in Japanese.

None of the members were happy to see those old clips, but for Suga it was too much to handle.

He cringed the whole time!


6.  Jin’s pants

No BTS member laughs at himself more than Jin does, but even Jin can get embarrassed from time to time. He has no shame when it comes to his “Worldwide Handsome” catchphrase, and rarely cringes at his dad jokes, no matter how lame they are.

The same can not be said for what happened at BTS’s debut performance. During the show, Jin’s pants fell down in front of everyone.

He was so upset about the embarrassing incident that he cried backstage.

Thankfully, his members were there to tell him it was okay!


7. Jungkook’s failed flip

Jungkook may be one of BTS’s shyer members, but he doesn’t get embarrassed as often as one might think. Sure, he has struggled to look girls in the eyes and still runs away from IU the second he sees her but, for the most part, this fearless maknae doesn’t get overly embarrassed.

Even this wardrobe malfunction (courtesy of RM) didn’t stop him from putting on a charismatic show.

There was, however, that time Jungkook got a little overconfident during a dance battle on American Hustle Life.

He tried to do a flip an failed hard. Afterward, he could barely look dance coach Jenny Kita in the eye.